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A friendship is part of another person who lives inside you, a familiar remembered voice that speaks, calms and restores through the memory of having a shared bond.

--David Viscott

There are any number of people who get mentioned in this journal. Some make only a token appearance and then fade back out. Others keep getting referred to again and again. In the name of the latter, it seems to make sense to have some sense of who these people are.

These aren't necessarily the most important people in my life, nor are they necessarily the ones I like or dislike, despite the above quote. These are the recurring people in my observations -- the channel markers and guideposts I refer to as we chart the course.

This is probably too long an introduction for a Cast List, but what the heck.

Alan The Associate Headmaster at Brewster Academy. The visionary who conceived of the School Design Model and a form of Educational Reform that actually works. Directly responsible for my hiring, my career and my forward motion in it.
Andrea A girl I met in Music Camp, oh, fifteen years or so ago. I'm sliding into a relationship with her even as we speak.
Bill Ex-housemate and friend from Superguy and BITNET. An aficionado of scooters, beer, vegetarian food and comfortable footwear. Worth getting to know. Currently lives in Seattle, where he will continue to live until Mount Rainer explodes and crushes him under tons of rock, whereupon he will happily be dead in Seattle.
Bob The Business Manager at Brewster Academy. A force of nature.
Buddy Our dog. Loving. Sweet. Ballistic. What a combination.
Dad The Good Doctor. Formerly a Professor of English and Executive Dean at the University of Maine at Fort Kent. Now, in retirement, a man of letters and sails. Quiet, and the kindest human being I know.
Dominic Ex-housemate and friend from Superguy and Seattle. Still a current housemate of Bill's. The friend of mine with the most coherent sense of style. Lives in Seattle and dates Annie, of whom not much more needs to be said.
Eileen The Systems Administrator Engineer at Brewster Academy -- a job I technically held while I was Acting Manager before my promotion. The title is the stupidest I've ever heard -- it makes one sound like they're designing Systems Administrators out back. Eileen is Irish and cheerful. She makes the office bearable.
Fleet, Dr. My current Primary Care Physician. Doctor Fleet is very active in pursuing even small leads. Very likely saved my life by detecting my Cardiomyopathy.
Fran Captain Fran. Like me, Fran is from Maine. Gruff but likable, and generally right in his assessments of people. Fran is efficient and industrious and without a doubt a rare find.
Frank My brother, despite the fact that I'm Scottish and he's Polish-Italian. Large and powerful. Full of life and vigor. Married to his soul mate. Owner of a dog and multiple cats. Robust in life.
George Also called Doctor George. My brother in law and a cardiologist. As I go through the whole Cardiomyopathy thing, George is acting as the voice of God offstage, advising and educating us all. A brilliant man and a lot of fun, and has a good taste in beer.
John An old friend from my days of BITNET and Ithaca and Round Robin. John is now married with a daughter. He's a devoted parent and an appreciator of good Scotch, and he remains a good friend. Currently lives near Syracuse.
Kristan My sister (in blood, not just name). Lives in Colorado with her husband and the two cutest, most enjoyable children I, you, or anyone has ever met. She has a good life.
Mason A friend from Texas, who's come to work at Brewster Academy. We look frighteningly similar, though he is currently without facial hair. The guy I spend most of my time with outside of work, generally at children's movies.
Mom My mother. A unique personality and a unique perspective, all in one. My touchstone for what's crap and what's not crap. Now officially retired, which means she spends her time landscaping (one could almost call it terraforming), gardening, boating, woodworking, constructing, and appreciating Opera.
Russ A Senior Systems Administrator at Stanford University. One of the more frighteningly intelligent people I've ever been privileged to know. Someone I can always count on, day or night.
Van Also called Jon. The new Web Developer for Brewster Academy, freshly up from way down south in Georgia, the land of peaches. A cool guy.