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Glastonbury Abbey
Tether to Blandine

Glastonbury Abbey, in West Somerset, has been home to a monestary offically since 673 AD, when a Benedictine Order officially took residence. Many believe that it had been a center of Christianity for centuries before that, however, and that Christianity on the British Isles first began there when Joseph of Arimathea landed his boat on Wearyall Hill just outside of the modern town, bearing the gospel and the Holy Grail. In modern times, it is more famous for being the resting place of King Arthur (both metaphorically, as his grave is alleged to be there, and literally, as he is said to be asleep beneath the hill at Cadbury Castle, which itself has been believed to be Camelot itself). It is said that Glastonbury is the Island of Avalon, that the Holy Grail still rests here (perhaps in a well), and that the trees themselves are holy.

What is known is that the monks of Glastonbury Abbey claimed to find the grave of Arthur in the Twelfth Century, finding a marker that is obviously a fake. However, attentions fixated on Glastonbury as both a holy place and as a place of deliverance from rebellion (as it was during this time that Prince John made his ill-fated attempt to seize the throne of England from Richard the Lionheart.) This marker was placed by Cai, a Cherub of the Sword who centuries before had the role of Sir Kay, 'foster brother' to King Arthur. Cai erected a False Cross to Arthur following the encroachment of Demonic forces on the area. The place had been a scion of Christian activity and was in danger of becoming a Tether to Laurence (it had been on the cusp of this for centuries). Servitors of Belial burned the "Old Church" (made of wattle and daub by Joseph of Armathea himself, according to legend) to the ground in 1184, and infernal activity threatened to overwhelm the land.

Cai, desperate to preserve Arthur's resting place and his Superior's interests, erected the False Cross of Arthur and managed to direct attention to it. To his joy and his enemies' rage, a Tether was produced. However, to his amazement the Teather was not to Laurence but to Blandine, for Camelot and the High King had become legendary dreams for all of England -- the King who would return one day when England needed her most. The "finding" of the Grave during times of turmoil created a groundswell of hope and pilgrimages to the area, and invigorated the dream of the Once and Future King

Blandine was pleased enough with her new Tether, though Corporeal Tethers have never been much of her concern. That it was a Servitor of the Sword who catalyzed its creation -- especially one who had been a Servitor of Purity -- amused her. Laurence, himself well acquainted with Glastonbury, arranged for Cai to be released from his service and entered into hers, and the two Archangels sponsored the Cherub to be Seneschal of Glastonbury Abbey.

Cai has been a good protector of the site, managing to weather and adapt to many shifts and changes (the worst being when Henry VIII reduced the Monestaries and delivered Glastonbury Abbey to the nobility. Where other Servitors might have tried to force a showdown, Cai quietly shifted his Role from a religious one to a secular one, becoming a servant to the Master of the Abbey. He has remained such ever since, culminating in his becoming a Civil Servant for the Abbey as Groundskeeper. He lives on the Abbey grounds and never leaves at this time, quietly promoting the legends that surround the area, and remembering the truths behind them. Today, Glastonbury Abbey is a small but stable Tether of some repute, and thousands of pilgrims (and far more tourists) come to Glastonbury to see the sights and dream of ancient kings.

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