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One of oldest European settlements on the American continent, Boston has been a center of American culture and commerce since the sixteen hundreds. As European powers swelled along the East Coast and remade the land into a new kind of America, there was increasing Celestial involvement, trying to guide or stymie the new peoples' growth along their specific agendas. And, as Boston's influence grew, so grew the Celestial presence in the "Athens of the East."

Boston was founded more or less between 1620 (and the founding of "Plimouth Plantation," later called Plymouth, by a group of English Separatists called the Pilgrims along the south shore of Massachusetts Bay) and 1630, when John Winthrop and the Massachusetts Bay Company settled the areas between the Mystic and Charles Rivers, ranging from Salem with a group of religious Puritans. They attempted several settlements before moving to the Shawmut Peninsula (and the site of present-day Boston) in October of 1630. From there they swiftly became a strong seaport and religious outpost, following the word of God as their highest authority.

Over the next hundred and fifty years, Boston grew rapidly into an economic power. It also underwent a number of spiritual and religious upheavals, starting as a highly Puritan city which echoed the rule of Oliver Cromwell in England, then having a number of outside Royal Governors appointed, until finally gaining a near-unprecedented amount of self-rule for the British Colonies, but having certain freedoms of religion codified into their charter directly. This kind of growth and evolution mirrored both the growth of the Colonies and the religious travails of England itself.

Ultimately, Boston was the flashpoint for the American Revolution itself, and Celestial overtones echoed throughout human battles. Tethers to Freedom, Fire, Wind, War, The War, the Game and the Sword rippled into existence and back out with regularity. Boston's John Adams, John Hancock, Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry and Paul Revere all became centerpieces of the Revolution and the movement for American Freedom. Even after the Revolution was over, Boston remained a leader in American life. Boston was the spiritual center of the Abolitionist Movement during the Civil War and remained a politically and ethnically diverse city throughout its history into the modern day.

Boston itself contains just under seven hundred thousand people. However, the Greater Metropolitan Boston Area (including cities and towns from nearby Cambridge and Newton through as far away as Plymouth, Concord and Lowell) ups the population close to two million. If it seems strange to group all of these communities into "Boston," understand that the total area of the Greater Metropolitan Boston Area is smaller than the Denver Airport. The population, while not homogenous by any sense, is certainly a collective, and both Heaven and Hell treat Boston that way.

Celestially, Boston is a contested city, though the battles are not generally overt. Both Demons and Angels roam the Boston streets and ride the Boston T. Not containing the dense plethora of Tethers that New York City has, Boston is often overlooked in general plans of the War. However, it continues to be revisited and generally instructions for the entire New England area radiate out of Boston's shadow. If the city can be dominated by one side or the other, it would color the War in general for all of the Atlantic Seaboard and give one side a clear advantage in manipulating America's history to their advantage. While few Superiors treat Boston as a stronghold or first priority, most have at least some Servitors or Soldiers keeping an eye on things, ready to call in reinforcements when necessary.

Superior Opinions and Agendas

Bethanel: The Archangel of Cities has a designated Angel for Boston, of course -- the Mercurian Condan -- who is charged at improving civic conditions in Boston. Condan is very proud of "his" city, truly believing Boston is the finest city in America as well as the first. Bethanel has not convinced the Seraphim Council to grant the Word of Boston to Condan or anyone else, and truly isn't pushing very hard to -- there are many cities Bethanel feels need a Word-bound defender before Boston does. He is concerned that Hell has as strong a foothold as they do in Boston, however.

Blandine: The Archangel of Dreams doesn't have a huge Bostonian presence. While she hasn't ignored the Athens of America entirely, the dreams that Boston symbolized -- purity, independence and the nobility of the common man -- are now well grounded in America's subconscious and needs little work at their source any longer. She generally has a Servitor or three watching out for Nightmares and encouraging her Word, but little foundation for real power. Her Northeastern Servitors look to her staff in New York or Philadelphia, and generally travel by mundane means from her Major Tether in Washington D.C.

Christopher: Christopher is active in Boston, finding Boston's academic culture conducive to enacting educational reform and improving the lot of many children. Christopher is very interested in Boston University's vested interest in the Lowell Public School system, for example. And the large number of museums and exhibits tailored to expanding young minds delights Christopher, though he fights a never-ending battle to prevent needless patronizing of his young charges. He has a Significant Tether in Boston in the Children's Museum, a pioneering model of such things in Boston's Waterfront district, with its distinctive Milk Bottle entrance out front, and generally has Servitors in the city. However, they tend not to get involved in non-childrens' issues.

David: David has a Minor Tether at Plymouth Rock and another Minor Tether at the Old Man in the Mountain in New Hampshire. He has no tethers in Boston proper, and hasn't since forces of Mammon successfully destroyed his Beacon Hill Tether in the 1790's (by literally taking sixty feet off the hill for economic development reasons, leaving a neighborhood for the rich in its wake). He has no great interest in Boston itself at this time.

Dominic: Dominic hasn't had a stable tether in Boston since his original Tether in Salem was destroyed by the "judgments" and executions of innocent victims in the Salem Witch Trials. He very much wants one, and actively works to that end. In the absence of such a base of operations, Dominic's activities are coordinated by Brusch, an Inquisitor Vassal of Conscience with a base of operations in the Prudential Tower (which not coincidentally has a Tether to Gabriel on the top floors). Angels and Soldiers of Judgment are active in Boston, and looking for any strong potential Tether to Judgment available.

Eli: There are plenty of cultural events throughout Boston, especially in Cambridge's Harvard Square, the Tanglewood Institute, the works of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Berkelee School of Music. However, Eli hasn't been sighted in Boston all that often and there aren't very many Creationers on Boston's streets at any given time. The most prominent Creationer Servitor "permanently" living in Boston is Trudiel, who works far more for Michael than Eli these days. Recently, a few Creationers have been seen haunting the Longfellow National Historic Site in Harvard Square, but the reasons for this are unknown.

Gabriel: Gabriel has far more influence in Boston than might be expected, thanks in large part to the Significant Tether on the roof and first five floors of the Prudential Tower (the Back Bay's first skyscraper, which the smart money had as becoming a Tether to Trade or Greed, not Fire, but which serves as a beacon to the Back Bay, raising eyes skyward through a huge part of the city). As a result, Servitors of Fire are drawn to Copley Square and the surrounding area naturally, especially when their activities make them dissonant. At the same time, they avoid the Judgment presence in the base of the Tower as much as they possibly can. Gabriel herself sometimes comes to Boston, but only sometimes.

Janus: Janus has a very powerful Tether in nearby New Hampshire, at the Mount Washington Observatory -- one of the contenders for "windiest place on Earth." Boston is the most prominent city in close distance to this Tether, so Servitors of the Wind often blow through Boston on their way to some other location. (Though they're as likely to fly out of Portland, Maine or Manchester, New Hampshire if they take a plane out of the area.) Janus has little interest in Boston itself these days -- its days as a radical hotbed of revolution and change have been displaced by a city with great reverence for its history of revolution and change -- and these don't interest Janus in the least. His powerful Servitor Niyol, the Angel of the American Revolution, is the Wind Servitor with the most interest in Boston in these days. Niyol has been pushing to return revolution and swift change to Boston, Wind style. Only time will tell if Janus agrees.

Jean: Jean has terrific influence in Boston -- indeed, it is currently his strongest foundation East of the Mississippi, and possibly in America. One of his Major Tethers can be found in the M.I.T. Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge. Further, there are strong Engineering Schools at Harvard, Boston University, Northeastern and others in the city. Scientific inquiry and endeavor can be found in many public and private laboratories throughout the city. The educational facilities in Boston are almost unparalleled worldwide for sheer volume, and among the highest in terms of quality. Indeed, Jean must keep a high interest in Boston, lest Vapula overrun these facilities in turn. Jean will have a good number of Servitors throughout the city at any given moment.

Jordi: What interest Jordi has in Boston centers on the Franklin Park Zoo -- whose spectacular Bird's World exhibit covers over seven acres and has many rare species -- and the New England Seaquarium. Jordi's Angel of Birds (as well as various Angels of species of bird) often cross through to check conditions. However, there is no tether there. The Seaquarium is good for educating people about the sea and life within it, but Jordi has no real interest in it so long as conditions are good.

Laurence: The Archangel of the Sword has an almost nonexistent tether at the Minuteman Statue at the entrance to the trail to Concord's North Bridge, but that Tether is surrounded and contained by the far more powerful Tether to Freedom on Concord Green, and Laurence maintains his Tether purely to wait for a chance to expand it (and destroy the Freedom Tether) without causing disruptions in the area. Yves has counseled him against causing wide destruction at such a revered place in American History, and Laurence has followed that to date. Laurence has a good number of Servitors in Boston, using Michael's Tether at the Bunker Hill Memorial to good effect and fighting the War where he can, trying to take this most American of cities.

Litheroy: The Archangel of Revelation has a very minor Tether at the Peabody Museum of Archeology and Ethnology, which he mostly uses to facility travel and collection of information from his Servitors. Litheroy is interested both in foiling Alaemon's presence in Boston as well as unearthing the truth behind many of the historic events that took place in Boston. Litheroy is also interested in the many students who themselves search for the truth throughout the city, which puts him occasionally in conflict with Jean (as always), as Jean works to curb Litheroy's more grandiose tendencies.

Marc: Marc has been highly interested in Boston from the early days of the United States. He actually has three different tethers in the city, two very minor ones and one major one. His oldest tether is on Congress Street in the financial district, where Venture Capital was invented in 1790. It had almost completely vanished when its Seneschal assisted in the newer residents of the area (Fidelity Investments) creating the Mutual Fund. That had capped the Seneschal's 19th century assistance in the creation of the family trust fund (to prevent spendthrifts from pouring through capital), showing the Seneschal's skill in keeping his Tether alive. Marc's second tether is inside the John Hancock Building. His third tether, and the only truly significant one (and it's said the only one he actively promotes) is in Faneuil Hall Marketplace and the Quincy Market -- an area of high commerce and mercantilism (and history) just off Government Center, stretching all the way to Haymarket. Having such a presence means Marc is interested in Boston, though the prominence of New York (and his Tether in the World Trade Center) far overshadows what once was a Trade stronghold, and Marc is content to let Jean, Michael, Novalis and others fight for and hold the Beantown Streets.

Michael: The Revolution and the ravages of War began in Massachusetts and Boston, with the Monument to the Battle of Bunker Hill serving as a powerful Tether to War. Michael would keep his Tether strong regardless, but given the demons contest Heaven for the ownership of Boston, Michael is active in the city, often coming to Boston himself to fight the good fight. He has prominent Servitors in the city at all times, as well as Trudiel, who is in Service to War from Creation (and is something of a loose cannon). Michael will only be happy when Boston is cleansed of demons and has a chance to become not the Athens of America, but the Paris of America.

Novalis: The Boston Common was given over as a public meeting place and place of peace, where Bostonians could come and enjoy nature in the heart of the city. Novalis has had a small tether in a corner of the Common for a very long time -- one that managed to survive the direct assault by forces of The War when British Troops were housed and camped almost atop the tether itself. In modern days, her tether has grown and moved across the street as well, settling in the Public Garden adjacent to the Common. These days, she has considerably more influence in the Public Garden, and her tether could survive being pushed out of the Common entirely at this stage, but Novalis continues to refer to the tether as her Boston Common tether -- the place where all of Boston can come together and play. She and Christopher can often be seen here together in the summer, or watching children slide near the Frog Pond in the winter. Novalis's presence helps to prevent all out war in the streets of Boston, keeping a bastion of peace in the center of the city.

Yves: The Archangel of Destiny has certain forces in Boston, having felt a great interest in the city dating back to the beginnings of the American Revolution. Angels whisper that one night before Lexington and Concord, but after the Boston Massacre, Yves met Lilith in a small tavern and had some kind of conversation with her. The truth of that is unknown, of course. Today, Yves has a direct Tether in the Boston Public Library -- the first major free municipal library in the United States, completed in 1887. The Boston Public Library is a very solid Destiny Tether, and it is not uncommon to find Yves himself among the stacks, reading. Yves coordinates many of his Northeast activities here, away from New York (where Kronos has a stronger base than he does in Boston, and therefore more opportunity to block Yves).

Zadkiel: The Archangel of Protection isn't as prominant in Boston as she'd like, though new policies designed to help protect Boston citizens from gang violence (and the cleaning up of Boston's infamous Combat Zone) have led to Boston growing generally safer, which Zadkiel likes quite a bit. Zadkiel has a rather unexpected tether, floating inside the U.S.S. Constitution. It developed in the legendary battle when "Old Ironsides" deflected cannonfire with her timbers, and kept her crew safe in 42 battles where she won, never losing, and captured twenty other ships. The driving need for such luminaries as Oliver Wendell Holmes and even a childrens' crusade to protect the Constitution from the ravages of time when the Navy had all but abandoned it (even discussing making it a target for cannon practice, thanks to Baal) strengthened the Tether to Protection within it.

Alaemon: The Demon Prince of Secrets is thought to have a minor tether in Boston -- a quiet one (Alaemon's favorite kind) -- somewhere in Roxbury. Where, no one is certain. It's likely Alaemon has several Servitors in Boston at any given time, though the only known one -- the assassin demon Antonio -- is as often out of the city as in it.

Andrealphus: Lust has a place in Boston and Andrealphus luxuriates in it. While the Combat Zone -- and its streetwalkers -- has been largely cleaned up in recent years, Andrealphus has made up for it with a plethora of "escort services" advertising openly in the Boston Phoenix newspaper and online. He has two small tethers in the Boston area -- a BDSM shop just off of Harvard Square, famous for "Bondage Barbie" and "Leatherman Ken Gimp" dolls, and a Boston University Fraternity along Bay State Row, where Rohypnol use (the so called Date Rape drug) was widespread enough to open a path to Hell -- where he quietly coordinates Bostonian lust. With thousands upon thousands of college students, all away from home for the first time and feeling both unaccustomed freedom and unearned maturity, Lust has a field day in Boston.

Asmodeus: Much as Asmodeus has a strong presence and a Major Tether in Athens, Greece, Asmodeus also has a good stake in the Athens of America. He has a known significant Tether at the site of the Salem Witch Trials (actually in Danvers, Massachusetts), especially notable for destroying a Tether to Judgement in the same area. What isn't well known is he has a second Tether -- a small one, in the office complex where cash-strapped owner Harry Frazee sold a young pitcher named Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees in 1920. While someone might expect a Game Tether at Fenway Park, that transaction in a back office far more relevance to the Game, and the so-called Curse of the Bambino has plagued the Red Sox ever since, quietly strengthening the Game Tether. Those offices have long since been vacated, and Gamesters with the Humanity Attunement have set up shop instead, quietly coordinating Asmodeus's activities and watching for Renegades and treason among Boston's Demons.

Baal: Baal and Michael traded Tethers back in the Revolution. He's managed to preserve a minor Tether at the sight of the Boston Massacure, despite Saminga's efforts to steal it away more than once. Even as Michael pursues the War in Boston, so Baal pursues the War in the name of Hell. He tries to provide some organization to the War in Boston, though he feels it's too contested in Boston right now, with too many prominant Angelic Tethers, to effectively try and take the city. At least, not until he's allowed to escalate the War from Cold to Hot.

Beleth: Beleth has no tethers in Boston and little interest in it, besides her common interest in all Humanity. Her Servitors do cross through every now and again, sowing Nightmares, and she has at least one permanent Servitor in the city, going from College to College and sending students through the common Nightmares all students have.

Belial: Belial hasn't paid any attention to Boston in a number of years. He had a powerful Tether in Roxbury following an 1894 fire where 215 buildings were destroyed (including the Fire Station), but never really maintained it. It has reduced to a very minor tether today, though its Seneschal keeps the memory of "the Great Boston Fire" alive. Boston isn't a particularly good Arson target just now, and Belial has bigger fish to fry.

Furfur: Furfur's Servitors, when in Boston at all, help to organize all night raves, thrash metal concerts and destructive parties among the college communities. The Boston Music scene is vibrant and the spirit of Hardcore can be found in the hearts of new, passionate rebels. While the city itself isn't particularly Hardcore, Furfur can see centuries of history and the rule of law just waiting to be mocked, rebelled against and torn down to its foundations in Boston. What's more, he knows the Superiors of both sides have a lot invested in Boston while they're still not paying particular attention to it -- seduced away by nearby New York. He has begun to lay in the foundation for a huge Hardcore revolution, taking Boston from Archangels and Demon Princes alike and leaving a raving chaos zone in its wake. He's confident in this result -- so confident he's already begun referring to Boston as "the Carthage of America."

Haagenti: It's said that if Marc owns Quincy Marketplace and Jean owns M.I.T., Haagenti owns the North End. Eateries abound throughout Boston, but the Italian Eateries in this all too Italian-American Community are well known and beloved throughout the district. Haagenti's Tether is in Mamma's Old Country Dining, a "family portions" Italian restaurant, where the portions are inexpensive and sized for a family of eight regardless of the number of people dining. This enjoyable restaurant delights in overfeeding its gorging patrons to the point of pain, then tempting them with tiramisu or hot fudge sundaes. While the Tether anchors in the restaurant, it extends through the neighborhood into a number of pizza parlors, taverns and the like, and is nigh impossible to displace. Which doesn't mean he isn't nervous about the Tethers to Michael and Zadkiel just across the river from him in Charlestown...

Izrann: The Duke of Cities is certain he's already won Boston from his nemesis Bethanel. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "they say the cows laid out Boston. Well, there are worse surveyors." Izrann couldn't agree more. Boston has some of the worst traffic congestion on Earth, the Central Artery Project designed to relieve it (the famous Big Dig) has been transformed into one of Izrann's Superior Malphas's personal projects of strife, and cars and pedestrians out and out ignore traffic laws daily -- the "city plan" being largely based on old cow paths from the initial colony. While Bethanel hasn't tried very hard to have an Angel of Boston named, Izrann has a Servitor -- the Impudite Annwfn -- who was named Demon of Boston back in the early 1800's. Izrann has also given Annwfn his Mayor Distinction and is content to leave the administration of Boston to her. Annwfn focuses on degrading the city, making it dirty and resentful and factionalized, and stays out of the general War in the city where possible.

Kobal: Boston jokes have been around as long as Boston has. Which is Kobal's problem with the place -- it's been said and it's been done before. It's almost boring in these oh so modern days. Oh, there are comedy clubs in Boston and there are plenty of people to deflate and make fun of in Boston, but still. Honestly, still. Get over it, already. However, despite his lethergy he maintains his Tether at Harvard's Harvard Lampoon offices just in case, and Kobalite Servitors still try to force a few laughs out of their patron using the oldest city in America. It's not an easy task, and Boston assignments are known to be a sign of disfavor right now. Still, one good joke might change that in an instant -- it did before, once, in 1919, when Kobal's last boredom with Boston was snapped by the Great Boston Molasses Tragedy. The question now is how to top two point five million gallons of molasses rushing down a street and smothering people to death....

Kronos: Kronos has tremendous resources allocated to his New York City Tether in Times Square. As a result, while he doesn't neglect Boston, he's not nearly as driven to manipulate it. His demons mostly try to keep track of Yves's organization, while pursuing the spirit of Fate whereever they go. He has a powerful Tether on an unmarked bridge near Chappaquiddick Island -- just off of Martha's Vineyard and about two and a half hours from Boston by car. As the Tether is uncontested there, he doesn't often feel a great need for an in-city Tether.

Lilith: Lilith has enjoyed Boston for far longer than she does most places. In the original Thirteen States of the United States, only Philadelphia has as much direct association with Freedom as Boston. In fact, while she doesn't have a Tether on the Freedom Trail (for the most part), Lilith does offer a Rite to her Servitors for walking the length of the Trail, implying "pilgrimages" to Boston are relatively common and encouraged. Lilith also has two Tethers in the Metropolitan Boston area -- a Major Tether at Concord Green, which almost completely drowns a Tether to Laurence as well as serving her needs and purposes well, and a minor Tether in Boston Harbor where the Boston Tea Party took place. Indeed, Lilith enjoys stopping off in Boston for a cup of tea on the Waterfront, often with her attuned Seneschal, but not always. When Lilith is seen in Boston, some mention of the rumored meeting she and Yves had in the early days of the Revolution is sure to follow.

Malphas: A prominant Irish Community. A prominant Italian Community. A prominant African Community. A prominant Chinese community. A prominant Vietnamese community. A prominant Hispanic community. Over fifty different colleges and universities, each with their own sports program. Professional basketball, baseball and football teams. A state capital. Malphas has no problem working in Boston. He has a minor tether at the New Boston Garden (which travelled from the old Boston Garden) where Northeastern, Harvard, Boston College and Boston University play for the Bean Pot Championship each year -- a rivalry that has been violent on occasion. His Servitors work to divide the city as much as possible -- and David's lack of attention to Boston often means he gets that opportunity. Right now, the Big Dig -- a project to add undergrown tunnel bypasses to Boston's highways and reduce the terrible traffic pressure in the City -- has proven to be a monumental success in driving factions apart from each other and destroy community goodwill. Malphas is very pleased.

Mammon: Mammon has always owned in Boston -- in the old days he bought whatever he could and invested in the rest, all to return more profit to him. Like most Superiors, his attention turned to New York in a big way for a long time, only to have Haagenti and Marc both outstrip him there. Having been rebuffed in his efforts to extend his control over the city, Mammon has instead turned his attentions back to Boston, where he sees great potential to weaken Marc's hold on Quincy Market (and possibly the chance to wipe out Marc's tether in the Hancock tower entirely). Mammon has two tethers in Boston: a moderately large Tether in The New England -- the home of the New England Mutual Life Insurance Company , which destroyed the original building (and first Tether to Jean in the city) of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and the Park Street Jewelry Emporium -- a minor Tether in the jewelry district where Greed rules the day. These Tethers make it moderately easy to hold onto influence in the City and expand it, which Mammon is very keen to do. He can see a day when he announces a new Boston Stock Exchange, and use it to devestate the NYSE and Marc all together...

Nybbas: Boston isn't the Media Market it used to be, but it's still eyes watching television and Nybbas always likes that. He also likes the number of sports teams the City has, and how desperately Bostonians consume television and newspaper coverage of the Bruins, the Patriots, the Red Sox and so forth. The sports-emphasis -- perhaps one of the Media's best selling, least content-filled products -- gladdens Nybbas's black heart. He has a minor Tether in the city at the Bull and Finch -- the Boston Bar that the hit sitcom Cheers was based on, which has lost a century's tradition to become a shrine to its famous child, Tee shirts and shot glasses available. However, given his Tether is right next to the Public Garden and the Boston Commons -- and the Bostonian presence of Novalis -- Nybbas doesn't put many resources into the Tether. Besides, Cheers was so Eighties, and that's way back in prehistory now, baby. It's almost embarrassing.

Saminga: Death be not proud, but it also be underrepresented in Boston, and Saminga doesn't care for that. He's tried several times to establish a Boston Tether, most notably at the Grainery Burying Ground starting all the way back in 1793 when he engineered the theft of John Hancock's signing hand through graverobbing -- and perhaps the whole of him for raising as a Zombie in the 19th Century. Angelic forces (and some say Lilith's forces as well -- the Grainery Burying Ground being a point on the Freedom Trail, though other Freedom Trail sites are Tethers to other Superiors) successfully deflected his efforts. The Central Burying Ground is a part of Boston Common -- while he's tried to take that as well, its proximity to the powerful Novalis Tether makes it nigh impossible. Lacking a Tether any closer than New Hampshire's Route 111, Saminga is forced to the sidelines in Boston. Still, he generally has a Servitor or two in the city, and if one of them established a beachhead he'd be pleased to fill it in.

Valefor: Valefor's a fixture on the Boston scene -- as much as is possible, thanks to his Tether at the Isabella Stewart Gardiner Museum. Theft's Servitors make a huge impact as they leave the Tether and pass through to other New England or Northeast points, careful to keep the joys of theft high as they pass through the city. Valefor enjoys knowing his Word is kept strong in a city so concerned about material things as Boston is. He spends a good amount of his time planning ways to steal the dignity of the city's upper crust -- as well as stealing everything else his Servitors can get their grubby little hands on.

Vapula: With a Tether at the Computer Museum, Vapula tries to infiltrate as many technological programs as possible throughout the city. Boston and its surrounding area is often seen as Jean's city, and Vapula very much wants to take advantage of that right up to the day Jean's hold is broken -- and then Vapula will be ready to use Jean's channels and contacts to flood humanity with new infernal technology. In particular, Vapula's eye is fixed on the New England Journal of Medicine -- he sees such potential there....

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