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Seneschal of M.I.T. Media Lab, Friend of the Illuminated
Cherub of Lightning

Word Forces: 13
Corporeal Forces
Ethereal Forces
Celestial Forces

Vessel: Older human male/4

Role: Janitor/5

Seldon is a powerful Cherub, long in Jean's service. He looked like a prime candidate for a Word, having received both distinctions and honors and working well with his Superior.

Seldon was strongly interested in humanity's tendency to develop "think tanks" and consortia, especially when they came together in new and exciting ways. When Professor Nicholas Negroponte and former MIT President Jerome Wiesner proposed a laboratory devoted to building on faculty research across many disciplines, he was naturally interested and got himself attached to the project, observing and assisting where appropriate and -- more to the point -- keeping Infernal agents of Technology from attaching themselves to the project and making it a seeder for Vapulatech.

It was perhaps not surprising when, after a short time after its opening and location in the Wiesner Building in 1985, a Tether to Lightning was formed. The MIT Media Lab, devoted to the interaction of the physical world and electronic information, has swiftly grown both in prominence in the scientific community and grown into a powerful Tether to Lightning. When asked for a recommendation for a Seneschal, Seldon surprised Jean by asking for the position himself. Jean agreed after some debate, and Seldon has become a fixture in Cambridge and the Greater Boston Celestial scene.

Seldon remains highly placed in the Lightning Organization. For all practical purposes, he is the Jeanite supervisor for the Greater Metropolitan Boston Area, coordinating Lightning's activities and resisting the inadvertent or malicious revelation of celestial technology to humanity.

Seldon is assisted by Pritk, a Kyriotate attuned to the M.I.T. Media Lab tether, and responsible for following technological and systematic development in the Lab. Pritk is Seldon's majordomo, and often sent as his eyes and ears when a mission takes Lightning out of the Tether. Seldon himself prefers to stay close to the Wisener building. His personal apartment is on the grounds of the Tether. His Role is one of a janitor, and he often goes 'home for the night', assumes Celestial Form (itself a winged squid), and invisibly patrols the hallways, communing with the Tether as he moves. Pritk also keeps his feed to all Lab research current, so Seldon can carefully watch what's going on, ready to intercede if he -- or Jean -- feels it necessary.

Not too long ago, Pritk sensed Dian, Malakite of the Sword, running the notorious Boston Free Lilim, Geneva, to ground nearby. Seldon had Pritk lead the Lilim to the Tether, where he hid her from there Malakite. It is not known by anyone why Seldon did such a thing (and indeed, very very few know it has happened at all). One expects Seldon has a plan -- perhaps with Jean's consent, and perhaps not.

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