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Annotations Jordi, Prince of Genocide
In Nomine Heresy: Jordi, Prince of Genocide
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"The World is full. There is a solution."

Tyger! Tyger! burning bright
In the forests of the night
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

In what distant deeps or skies
Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
On what wings dare he aspire?
What the hand dare seize thy fire?

And what shoulder, & what art,
Could twist the sinews of thy heart?
And why thy heart began to beat,
What dread hand? & what dread feet?

What the hammer? what the chain?
In what furnace was thy brain?
What the anvil? what dread grasp
Dare its deadly terrors grasp?

When the stars threw down their spears
And water'd heaven with their tears,
Did he smile his work to see?
Did he who made the Lamb make thee?

Tyger! Tyger! burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?

"The Tyger," William Blake

How careful is the balance of nature. How easy it can be knocked aside. How casually humanity kicks at it, overbalances it, tears at it.

How long could one Archangel be set over all the animals and beasts of the fields, but forced to watch one animal run roughshod over the rest, forced to never balance, never adjust, never do what his being cried for?

And the others? The other angels? Just didn't care. They just didn't care. Animals were swords to be wielded, stones to be thrown. Animals were the crucible to purify humanity, the inspiration for dreams. Fertilizers for flowers.

Sooner or later, Jordi felt his capacity for viewpoints narrowing. Focusing on the one creature of the fields he had no authority over. The one creature all the others fawned over and coddled and protected and helped to trample and kill. As species died wholesale, Jordi heard their cries, felt their genocides, and closed his heart against it, focusing on the destroyers, the killers, the maimers.

And then the light burned, and he Fell to Earth, and down into Hell itself. His viewpoint was now Monomaniacal. There was no balance. There was just Darwin. God himself had stepped aside for Survival of the Fittest. The only way to win was to wipe out all your opponents -- to fill all the ecological niches.

Lucifer didn't approach the insane Shedite. The Lightbringer was not afraid -- Jordi posed no threat to him. But knowing the Demon Princes would shred the new Shedite before he became a threat to them, he elected to build a cult of fear around him instead. The Word of Genocide was granted from afar.

Jordi, Demon Prince of Genocide, is always focused on one goal -- destruction. The elimination of a species or subspecies. The destruction of those who are different -- even a little. The Final Solution. Finally, he is free to do what the Angels say God forbade -- but he's lost the reason to. So instead he promotes genocides within humanity and other species. But sooner or later he'll get around to it... oh yes, sooner or later humanity -- and all other beasts of the field -- will be memories on a sterile world....

Then they'll be sorry. They'll all be sorry they didn't listen to him.

The Prince of Genocide

Jordi is the consummate Shedite. He's bitter, wanting nothing more than to worm into the good works of others and rot them from within. When everything is dead, he'll satisfied. So long as any species lives, there's someone up there watching over it and he hates that. Hates it. But it's not enough to kill them. That would be simple. He's got to tear them apart. One species consuming another. One subspecies displacing another. One people slaughtering another. Jordi much prefers ethnic cleansing to all humans in one place dying off at the same time. It proves the drive for the strongest to survive over the weakest.

He hates anything that brings disparate beings together, from tick birds picking the teeth of alligators to dogs domesticated to help humans to religious institutions. By corrupting these into the means for slaughter, Jordi and his Servitors reestablish the only order, the true order. The strong over the weak. The niche held by one species, not many symbiotically. The top of the pyramid destroying the base, not the base supporting the top.

It's ultimately self-defeating. By losing the Kyriotate's perspective of the web of life, Jordi has also lost the ability to foresee consequences to his actions. If he oversees the wiping out of all the insects in a swamp, and then all the frogs die off -- well, the frogs weren't strong enough, were they? And if that kills the kingfishers, then the fishers should have been strong enough to adapt....

Sooner or later, the World will die if he gets his way.

Animal's Wrath

In Heaven, the Savannah is initially plunged into chaos, as the sight of the Fall of Jordi drives even the Heavenly Souls of Animals into a Frenzy. Many of Jordi's Servitors followed him into Hell, and a huge protectorate of the Corporeal Realm has lost its most powerful Heavenly protector.

Jordi was one of the most powerful of Archangels before his Fall, though he was easy to overlook or dismiss. Without him, the forces of Hell -- especially Belial and Saminga -- are free to devastate the ecosystem of Earth. Novalis is forced into a far more active role, her peaceful glens suddenly overrun with the passionate war of survival of the animals.

Coupled with this are Jordi's former Servitors, who very much blame Heaven and their inflexibility in protecting the Animal Kingdom in favoring the overbalanced humans for Jordi's Fall. Almost none agree to work with or for any other Archangel, leading Dominic to near pogroms against them. Jordi welcomes any of his Followers into Hell (save Malakim, of course), and those who are Word-Bound he sponsors immediately for the same Word. Of course, where the Angel of Black Bears promoted their livelihood, the Demon of Black Bears strives to wipe out any competing species in lieu of Black Bears.

Novalis's Angel of Ecology has taken on as much of the responsibility for the web of life as it can. It is strongly possible it will be promoted into the Archangel of the Biosphere -- if so, its Elohite calm will be a marked departure from the passionate, Fallen Archangel of Animals. It will have to contend with Jordi's remaining Servitors, of course.

Jordi takes on the celestial appearance of a thousand tigers, of all types and colors, roiling in a mass of angry fangs and teeth. Pity the celestial who comes too close.


The Demons of Genocide can show no remorse for the forces of Darwinism. Regret is poison to them. Whenever they show any dissatisfaction with the outcome of a contest, from a game of checkers to the elimination of a rainforest, they take dissonance. This can get them in trouble with other demons....

The exception are the hosts of Heaven. Demons of Jordi will can never suggest that the Heavenly way might be better -- even if a flight of Malakim rout all the demons within a Jordite's sight, the demon will not accept that Heaven is stronger, or else be dissonant.



The Balseraphs of Genocide are the apologists. The enforcers of prejudice. The ones who convince the crew foreman that it's all right to clear cut the forest -- to Hell with the Spotted owls. The ones who convince the soldier it's all right to gun down women and children -- they're inferior. Therefore, Jordi's Balseraphs can see the prejudices within their target. (A prejudice by this definition is any opinion about something different than the target taken on faith, not by evidence.) With this knowledge, Balseraphs are expert at using their resonance to reinforce what the target believes in the first place -- to tragic results.

DJINN (Restricted)

Killing a single cockroach doesn't clean a house. You need to wipe them all out. When a creature or person a Djinn is attuned to dies, the Djinn may make a resonance roll to attune to the next nearest member of the same group the creature was. This can be a species or an affiliation. Once a Djinn attunes to a second member of a group in this matter, his attunement is 'set' and all new attunements must be members of that group (though he doesn't lose any attunements he already possesses). He has to break all his attunements to creatures of that subgroup (or all those he is attuned to must die) before he can attune to someone not of that group. Note that if he tries to break an attunement and fails (as per In Nomine p. 144), his zeal and obsession to protect that attunement will extend to that affiliation as well.

CALABIM (Restricted)

Jordi loves his Calabim more than any other Servitors. Destroyers for the sake of destruction, he harnesses their ways to perfect effect. Jordi's Calabim must take their mandated Discord as a Hatred Ethereal Discord, targeting a specific group of some kind. It cannot be too broad a hatred, but must instead be some kind of sub group. (They can't target Angels, but can target Malakim or Ofanim, for example. Cats are legal, but tigers won't count as cats. Humanity can't be taken, but blacks, whites, Jews, Christians or the like can. And so on.) Calabim must make a Will roll minus the Calabite's level in Hatred when encountering one of their Hated or attack with their resonance immediately. To balance this, when attacking an object of their Hatred, Calabim may double the applicable Forces before calculating damage. (Corporeal Forces in Corporeal combat, and Celestial Forces in Celestial combat.) If the Calabite's target resists, and the Calabite redirects the attack against someone not of his Hatred, they only take normal damage. However, if the Calabite absorbs the attack, he takes two points of Dissonance. One can be dissolved by killing that resisting target, however.

HABBALAH (Restricted)

The Habbalah of Genocide see themselves as the agents of purification. When using their Resonance to spread Fury towards a specific group, they may affect entire groups. Their resonance can affect as many as their Will times their Celestial Forces. The Habbalite doesn't suffer from backlash unless all the targets resist his resonance. It's also worth noting that while Jordi loves his Calabim more than any other, his Habbalah love him desperately. He is an agent of God's Punishment given form, and only the strong survive Jordi.

LILIM (Restricted)

The Lilim of Jordi are rare. Those that do exist may use their Resonance to detect needs as normal. Once they fulfill the need, they may either geas their victim or they may inflict a Fear or Hatred (as per the discord, even if the victim is mortal) on them, so long as that Fear or Hatred is for a specific species or group.


Shedim know what petty hates are in the human heart, and how to inflame them further. At the cost of one essence, a Shedite of Jordi may remove all guilt from a person (whether possessing them or not) for committing some act out of prejudice, making it easier for that person to accept doing it again. Note that this counts as corrupting a person in a given day in regards to the Shedite's dissonance conditions, whether the person they absolve of guilt is their host or not. However, they may only perform this trick on a given person once and have it count against their dissonance conditions. Any other times will be purely to promote that person's prejudices.


If Jordi's Balseraphs affirm what someone secretly believes, his Impudites sow new unreasonable prejudices. Given at least five minutes to talk, with a cost of 1 Essence, an Impudite of Genocide can imprint a justification onto a target, making him believe in the innate inferiority of a group or species. While it doesn't necessarily incite the target to violence, the target isn't likely to mind violence being done to the "inferior creatures." The Impudite uses a Perception roll, and the target resists with an Intelligence roll. The Imprinting lasts CD days.


The Mark of Abel

At a cost of 5 essence, the Servitor can brand a person with the Mark of Death. the Servitor must make a Precision roll, resisted by an Agility roll. If successful, the target receives a metaphysical brand (visible should the target assume Celestial form) for CD days. During this time, all reaction rolls made about the victim have their targets reduced by five, and their check digits reduced by three. Failed reaction rolls have their check digits increased by three, so that the minimum result is a 4 (disliking the character and actively opposing him). Characters who see one of the branded unconsciously associate them with their prejudices, and are often attacked -- sometimes viciously -- without provocation. Even characters who can prove they're not enemies (Angels who assume Celestial Form for example) will still find themselves harried -- Triads investigate them, humans try to stone them, and so forth....


This attack is a physical one, though when it occurs, the Demon seems to be a quasi-real maelstrom of teeth, horns and claws. The target must be close enough for a hand-to-hand attack, and during the attack the Demon cannot dodge other attacks. If the attack hits, it does a number of hits equal to the check digit of the roll times the Essence used to power it times the Demon's Corporeal Forces.


Knight of Darwin

While helping one group or species to fight another, the Knight's favored group gets bonuses in their attack. A number of allies up to the Knight's total Celestial Forces (in addition to the Knight himself) receive +1 Accuracy and +1 Power to their attacks against their enemy group. The Strong survive. This can apply to demons fighting angels.

Captain of Strength

The strong dominate and destroy the weak. Captains in Jordi's Service can cow any beneath them with a glare, preventing direct challenges to their authority.

Baron of the Cleansing

This demon can, with a glance, see if a habitation up to the size of a small city has been completely cleansed of any one species, group or affiliation. If not, he can tell how many survivors remain, though not where they are.


The coming of the Prince of Genocide threw Infernal Politics a curve. As desperate and active in the promotion of his Word as the Prince of Hardcore, with the tremendous power Jordi has always had, the Prince of Genocide has strongly changed Hell's position on Earth and settled into his own in Hell. He is steadily carving out his own Principality out of Sheol. To date he's been carving it from areas where Belial hasn't spread, but Belial has noticed the incursion with anger. Still, Jordi loves the power of Fire, so Belial can't be too mad and generally supports Jordi's efforts.

The Nihilistic forces of Hell have embraced Jordi -- from afar. Like Lucifer himself, all but Jordi's own Servitors keep their distance. Saminga momentarily resented the loss of the Word of Genocide (which had been under his domain though its holder was destroyed), but Jordi's love of nihilistic destruction and the elimination of whole species are just way too darn cool for Saminga to stay mad for long. Beleth can appreciate the violence and horror that Jordi spreads. Kronos approves of the Fate Jordi represents. And Asmodeus finds Jordi easy to control, though he's as hostile to Jordi as he is to any but his allies.

Those who love humanity -- the takers and users -- hate Jordi and the horror he spreads. Andrealphus hates Jordi and all he represents. Nybbas uses Jordi's excesses for ratings, but when you kill off a segment of the audience, you kill off a potential market. Kobal finds Jordi's Fall hysterical -- but the joke wore thin within a day. Lilith deals with him, but sees only the Freedom of the Strong preying on the Weak in him.

And Malphas? Malphas knows Jordi is excellent for Factions -- without them, Genocide would have great trouble... but he also knows with the certainty of the Prince of Factions that when Jordi runs out of humans, animals and angels... the Demons will be next, until there is nothing left but Jordi. Saminga was one thing -- he's an idiot. Jordi is one of the most intelligent of Demon Princes -- and that worries him.

Allied: Malphas, Saminga (Saminga considers himself Allied to Jordi)
Associated: Baal, Beleth, Belial, Kronos (Beleth, Belial, Kronos and Malphas consider themselves Associated with Jordi)
Hostile: Kobal, Lilith, Nybbas (Asmodeus, Kobal, Lilith and Nybbas consider themselves Hostile to Jordi)
Enemy: Andrealphus (Andrealphus considers himself an enemy of Jordi's.)


  • Kill a member of an endangered species.
  • Recruit a human for a Supremist Group (regardless of subsect).
  • Kill ten or more vertebrates in a twelve hour block of time.


  1. A child's lunch money.
  2. A list of 1000 victims in the Holocaust.
  3. A serial killer's weapon.
  4. A piece of burnt wood from a fire where twenty or more died.
  5. A leftover bag of fill from a drained and destroyed wetland.
  6. The corpse of the last specimen of an endangered, now extinct species.
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