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"The world is passionate and generative, reaching and growing and embracing. Embrace it in return, and grow with it."

Noniel was a Balseraph of the Game. She was Hellborn, but discontent -- causing her to be one of the rarest of the rare -- a Renegade Gamester. She joined Jez and Akim's "Wings," acting as a mole within Asmodeus's operation, careful to not actually travel to the Averie more than necessary, that her diabolical master could not find her. She managed to learn of a raid, and realizing she had to stop it, she shattered her heart and went all the way.

Being separated from her role, and distrusted by many, Akim actually gave her a position that required trust -- he made her his aide de camp. She turned into a sort of secretary (which had been her Role, before), and for some time she served there well.

Encountering a young creature that seemed like a powerful Ethereal, she discovered that the girl (who was called a "Goddess of Love") actually had the power to grant Forces and possibly even a Word. Tricking her into doing so, Noniel found herself with the Word of Sex -- but with Angelic, selfless connotations. It burned within her, shattering her Demonic Heart and forcing notes of the true Symphony and Discord in her. Finally, she was allowed to return to Tranzie, who under Akim and Jez's watchful gaze Redeemed her into a Seraph, her word Evolving to Erotica, still incorporating but building on the Word of Sex, her realm that of the Complex where the Wings had managed to grow and establish themselves.

Since then, the Word of Erotica has grown immeasurably in Noniel, who finally managed to Redeem a former Impudite of Lust to her service, and became in and of herself the Archangel of Erotica.

Noniel remains with the Wings and in Akim's titular service, while promoting the Word of Erotica and all it implies. She is a Sereph, and utterly honest in her dealings with others. In trust can intimacy be born. She is beautiful, almost always appearing as female, with long brown hair that's intricately braided. She wears tasteful but seductive clothing. She works tirelessly to bring people together into intimate connections -- whether erotic or platonic -- and to broaden erotic understanding that does not objectify or hurt.


Angels of Noniel take dissonance whenever they betray an intimacy or 'go through the motions' of an intimate act without meaning or trust. This includes but is not limited to sexual or erotic activities. It can be revealing secrets given in confidence, or feigning interest in a person's life to get information or a favor, or any other violation of trust. Their intimacies, whether brief or not, must empower and not bring pain.


The Servitors of Erotica are highly attuned to the flow of intimacy and the sharing of happiness and joy between two and others. They spread joy and connection, strengthening humanity through intimacy, whether it be for an hour or a lifetime.


Seraphim are attuned as always to Truth, and Noniel uses them to cleave the lies of Lust from intimacy. They can tell the depths of intimacy between two people with a glance, learning if their bond is true and equal both ways, or if one is false (or too true, becoming codependent or addicted).

CHERUBIM (Restricted)

The guardians of intimacy, Cherubim of Erotica are perhaps the most loving and sharing partners in all creation. When attuned to someone they have made love with, they can sense their attuned's emotional balance and needs, and how the Cherub impacts and affects them.


Despite other celestials referring to the Ofanim of Erotica as being fast, the Ofanim are no more likely to love and leave than any other Servitor of Erotica. However, they do seem to sail into deep relationships quickly, as their attunment allows them to sense what levels of intimacy a subject they can see are ready for with a given partner (which may or may not be the Ofanite), what way that intimacy should be expressed, and what levels they're not ready for. As a result, their advice is unparalleled.

ELOHIM (Restricted)

Elohim of Erotica, ever objective and calm, are experts at harnessing the passions of others to practical benefit. After resonating, they can determine what a person is passionate for as well as their current emotional states. With such knowledge, the Powers of Noniel can carefully manipulate their subjects, tempering hostile passions and harnessing productive ones.


Noniel should have very few Malakim -- anyone who might have the credo "I'm a fighter, not a lover" wouldn't do well as a Servitor of Erotica. However, the prevalence of Servitors of Lust leads her to needing a force to detect and destroy them. Malakim of Erotica can sense (with concentration) those who use sex and other fake intimacy as a weapon, to degrade and use their partners without sharing anything with them. While this doesn't specifically point out Servitors of Lust as such, Andrealphus's demons fit the definition of 'sexual users' perfectly, on pain of dissonance.


Creatures of multiple perspective but subjective opinion, Kyriotates embody the burning curiosity of erotic exploration, trying and learning new things. (And, as Mercurians of Erotica love to remind everyone, are the only Angels capable of having a passionate encounter with themselves.) Kyriotates can tell how open minded a given person would be to experimentation and new things (of any sort), and how experienced in alternative erotic expressions they are.


Mercurians of Noniel are warm, friendly and pleasant to be around. While Noniel is herself a Seraph, it is said her Mercurians are her favorite Servitors, embodying the best qualities that Erotica can achieve. Mercurians have the ability to build intimacies and build on them. Mercurians have the ability to open trusts with anyone they are erotically intimate with, quickly building very close attachments. This allows them to guide their charges far more easily. In situations where they learn of lustful or other false intimacies their partners have previously used and abused, it gives them great leverage in having their partner work to repair the damage caused. This doesn't excuse them from their dissonance conditions, of course.


Strike a Pose

At a cost of one essence and a roll against perception, a Servitor of Erotica can move, pose or otherwise act so provocatively that it stuns their target viewers (up to three people or one celestial per CD). Stunned characters can't move for a few seconds (or a combat round) and lose their train of thought. In combat, this causes the affected viewers to lose their next action (which includes dodging). The targets may attempt to resist with Will.

A Moment for Us

Given at least a half hour and intimate contact (whether overtly sexual, cuddling, massage or the like), a Nonielite can lull and relax a person, draining them of aggression and fear and lulling them into a 'safe' feeling and deep sleep. This attunment can even soothe Fear or Anger Discords or other aberrations, allowing at least a few hours of peaceful, warm sleep.


Erotica is disquieting to many, and the method of Noniel's Redemption and Wordbinding are shrouded in mystery. As a result, many Archangels distrust Noniel or are outright hostile. In particular, Dominic dislikes Noniel (if her Word didn't come from the Seraphim Council, how could it be said to be an Angelic Word -- and furthermore, her 'redemption' didn't even come from an Angelic agency), as does Michael (Erotica and War are mutually exclusive -- one cannot be intimate and hostile and be true to both) and Laurence (who can see Erotica as damaging the esprit de corps of a well conditioned military -- and besides, it is a fruitless pursuit). Novalis appreciates Noniel's drive for peaceful intimacy (and is herself a great believer in Free Love), however. David, while distrustful of Noniel's origins, certainly has noticed that her Word brings people closer together -- though there is a danger that Erotica can tip into Lust. Marc believes that through trust and intimacy comes parity. And Yves, ever enigmatic, accepts Noniel's presence and defends her Archangel's status with the others.

Allied: Novalis, Yves
Associated: David, Marc
Hostile: Dominic, Laurence, Michael


Vassal of Passion

Vassals of Passion can make any erotic experience intensely pleasurable for their partner, improving any further reaction rolls to the Vassal by three.

Friend of Candlelight and Roses

With this distinction, the Angel can look in the eyes of a partner and know, innately, what they most want, subconsciously and consciously, in an erotic encounter at that moment. This distinction can build, letting the Friend know how things shift from moment to moment.

Master of a Night to Remember

Masters gain the ability to build an entire night's experience, encapsulating it and seemingly able to extend its time however long is needed to complete the experience in its fullest. During this time, the Master and partner (or partners) cannot be found, even if the area they are in is searched. It is as though that one night steps outside of the normal course of life. Masters cannot build a Night to Remember more than once a month.


  • Make love for an hour or more.
  • Set the mood for a couple, then make one's self absent.
  • Counsel someone romantically or sexually and resolve a problem.


  1. A copy of the Victoria's Secret catalog.
  2. A twenty-pack (or more) of condoms.
  3. Expensive silk lingerie.
  4. An original love sonnet written to entice a specific lover.
  5. A Magnum of Champagne, fifty years old or older
  6. The jewels given to the Duke by the Queen of France.
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