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Eve: The Archangel of Woman

Eve: Her Creation and History

Hawwah: The Nurturers
The Children of Eve

Dark Hawwah: The Smotherers
The Fallen Children of Eve

Human Archangel of Women

"The World is born anew each day -- nurture and guide it, and help it grow"

Tens of thousands of years after her creation, Eve remains a quiet but active force in the War. As unassuming as her "sister" Lilith is grandiose, Eve quietly works to promote womanhood throughout the world.

Eve's primary role is nurturer. Not simply the nurturing of children, but the nurturing and support of many things -- ideas, worthy causes, even nations or religions. She is a helpmeet and supporter rather than an instigator, much of the time. While she has an agenda which she does actively pursue, her preferred method is to find others (humans, preferably) who share her goals and nurture their visions to their conclusions. This both allows humanity to shape their own destinies (with support, admittedly) and keeps direct celestial intervention at a minimum. Eve has not forgotten she was exiled from Eden because of an Angel interfering where it shouldn't.

Eve always appears as a woman, generally attractive though not usually overly so. She favors simple clothing and things, and little ornamentation, though she enjoys being given gifts. It is said that when she appears in her true form she is desperately beautiful, but it is rare for anyone to see her in that way. Her manner is quiet and pleasant, but firm when necessary. If Eve is the Mother of All Humanity (hyperbolic, but easy to believe when one meets her) she is a Mother capable of forcing an unruly child to be silent while she wipes off his face in public.

As the Archangel of Women, Eve has taken up all aspects of what Women are and Womanhood itself means. Not only does she have motherhood and nurturing, but generation, the feminine mystique, the traditional roles of women in society and the burning need to smash the glass ceilings holding women back. She is both housewife and feminist, caring mother and Pro-Choice activist, gentle lover and passionate reformist. She is active in promoting the cause of Women's Rights, but also in promoting acceptance for more traditional Womens' Roles in society.

Among the Angels, Eve most clearly works with Yves, and more than one has assumed that Archangel or not, Eve is Yves's Servitor. Certainly, there are more Hawwah serving the Archangel of Destiny than any other. But she is not one to overly meddle in Celestial Affairs. She makes no Servitors but her Children, the Hawwah, and takes the nine months a human pregnancy would take to craft even them. She then raises and trains her Hawwah individually, before helping them to choose a Superior to serve.

Eve does have something of an organization, often made up of Angels who are attracted to her service. They can be in her service long enough to receive Attunements and even Distinctions, though Eve tends to "kick them out of the nest" after a certain amount of time -- Eve prefers to take on Servitors who have a goal that somehow aligns with hers, and work with them until they achieve that goal, then have them seek their destiny elsewhere.

Hawwah especially aren't encouraged to stay in her service, though she will often keep them as "unofficial Servitors" even after they join another Superior (assuming that Superior is willing -- Eve would never come between a Superior and his Servitor). Eve grants her Rites to her Servitors, temporary or not, and allows her Hawwah to keep her Rites once they've left the nest, though any with Eve's rites must also take her Dissonance conditions.

Eve is kindly, but often devious -- she can be manipulative to achieve her ends, as noble as those might be. However, even at her most manipulative -- or her most angry -- Eve is likely to appear no more than slightly sad, a tiny frown on her face.

The Human Archangel

Even as Lucifer granted a Word and Princess's coronet to Lilith, Yves and Eli -- somehow -- gave Eve a Word and raised her to the power and prestige of an Archangel (even if she isn't literally an Angel). Her Children -- the Hawwah -- are true, full Angels even as the Lilim are Demons.

While most Angels trust Yves (and at the time trusted Eli), there is still a lot of mystery both to how they managed to make a living, human Superior. And more to the point, why they would choose to do this. Indeed, Lilith made a certain amount of sense -- her help was needed in order for the demons to escape Hell -- but Eve was unexpected at best.

Nevertheless, Eve remains human (of a sort) and has been Archangel of Women for thousands of years. She is active in Heaven and on Earth, and she serves willingly and well.

Though some Angels whisper, late into the night, that Humanity has Free Will, and Eve's methods involve deceit, mystery and intrigue. Could one such as that truly be said to be bright as an angel? Or is she a darker shade of grey than was ever suspected?


While in Eve's service, it is dissonant to directly work against the concept of women. While it is legal to oppose women (it is not dissonant to kill a Hellsworn Soldier who happens to be female, for example), a Servitor of Freedom cannot work against, mock or otherwise denigrate Women as a whole. This can range from making fun of "women drivers" or mocking housecleaning as "women's work" to opposing civil rights or women's' suffrage. This can be difficult for the Servitor -- Eve expects those in her service to both promote the nobility of the traditional homemaker/mother/housewife and the efforts for women to advance in the workplace, for example.


Eve has granted Attunements and Distinctions, but doesn't commonly do so. She has never been known to grant a Choir Attunement, and her Servitor Attunements are so rare as to possibly be apocryphal. She might grant a Servitor Attunement to someone who, while in temporary service to her, so furthered the cause of Women (or of Heaven in general) that Eve feels she must grant him a special gift in parting.

As for Distinctions, these are reserved for those whose goals most reflect hers in a permanent way and assist her enough to be given a place in her permanent hierarchy. Almost no Servitor of Women has ever received even a Vassal's Distinction, and it is said she has only one Master of the Feminine Mystique in all her Service, and her Distinctions grant no abilities -- merely responsibility.


Eve gets along with more nebulous, goal-oriented Archangels very well. She's supportive of Blandine, Novalis and Yves because of their roles in pursuing bright dreams and ideals, for example. She also gets along well with Zadkiel and Christopher, who echo her maternal instincts. She shies away from the more militant Archangels, but supports the War in general and does not speak against combat or war.

Eve and Jordi simply don't like one another or their policies. Jordi's "fixation" on the animal kingdom is ridiculous to Eve, whereas Jordi would prefer to restrict the number of breedable females among humanity. Litheroy distrusts Eve, since Eve's methods often involve deception and manipulation -- and Litheroy cannot see or understand how Eve was given a Word by Yves. He sees little difference between Eve and Lilith, all told. And while Eve has no problem with the Archangel of Trade, Marc doesn't care for her at all -- he clearly prefers Lilith to the "Archangel" of Women, since Lilith at least can be counted on to keep her word. And Eve and Gabriel haven't liked one another for a long time -- Gabriel finding Eve weak and soft with the cruel, and Eve finding Gabriel as cruel as those she punishes.

Allied: Blandine, Novalis, Yves (Christopher, Novalis and Yves are Allied to Eve)
Associated: Christopher, Janus, Zadkiel (Blandine, Eli, Janus, Jean and Zadkiel are Associated with Eve)
Hostile: Gabriel, Jordi, Litheroy (Gabriel, Jordi, Litheroy and Marc are hostile to Eve)


Vassal of Womanly Strength

Friend of Intuition

Master of the Feminine Mystique


  • Embarrass a chauvinist in public.
  • Gather ten or more women to a consensus that benefits them and others.


  1. A woman's journal, well kept.
  2. A free shelter for victims of domestic abuse.
  3. A book of poetry by a prominent female poet.
  4. A well kept home of more than six children.
  5. A government body where a prominent law affecting women's' rights is being debated.
  6. A National Organization of Women or similar gathering of 10,000 or more.


Eve's fellow Archangels, naturally enough, have opinions regarding the only Word-bound human in Heaven. There is some curiosity of how Eve gained her Word and Archangelship, of course -- the Seraphim Council does not believe it has the ability to grant Words or Superior's power to Saints, much less to living humans. It is known that Yves was involved, as was Eli, however, and this has the Seraphim Council mostly content to accept her.

Blandine: Eve and her daughters work towards goals, and push away from fears. In this, she promotes dreams very well indeed. I support her where I can, and believe in her own bright dreams -- for women and for the world. (Blandine is very sad, but very wise. I wish I could help soothe her troubled brow, but too often her concerns take her far from my all-too-physical world.)

Christopher: Everyone needs a mother. You can't be a child without one. Somewhere between Novalis and Zadkiel is Eve. Quiet and nurturing, but ready to teach too. She's good for children. Very good for children. (Ah, bright Christopher. So often the needs of Women and the needs of Children are intertwined, and so Christopher and I are as well. Many forget that Christopher himself is not a child, and is very good at what he does.)

David: Eve is useful, and her methods bring people together. I can respect that, and I give her respect for it. But in general she's not much for the War. If she were, she'd be a lot better at countering Lilith. But she's not. (David is a cold one. Stern. He believes in a hard kind of love -- forcing growth through adversity. It does work... but it makes for very cold children. I don't think he and I really understand each other.)

Dominic: Eve is not much of a factor. Her Daughters aren't very likely to Fall, which I can appreciate. Certainly, Eve and her Daughters are easier for me to deal with than Lilith and her daughters are, for Asmodeus. I appreciate that as well. Ultimately, Eve is unimportant. (Dominic beats nurturing away from himself. While a champion of Women's Rights, he himself -- or she, when he wears Dominique -- won't allow himself to care or be cared for. And that is very sad.)

Eli: Y'know -- there was a reason Yves and I went to her. An important one. Really really important. She's really important, y'know? Do you know? Good -- 'cause I don't. I can't even remember meeting her, and I know I sculpted her in the first place. Weird, huh? (I will always be grateful to Eli -- for both my life and for my new life after my husband died. That being said, he's turning into a spoiled ne'er do well, and needs to be hauled in and spanked and set back to his duties. Eli needs a mother more than most.)

Gabriel: Eve is soft -- good for kindling a spark, but terrible in the flames that follow. I have no time for her. (Gabriel has lost her way. We must be patient in bringing her back to it. In the meantime, she is playing with a fire she no longer has under control, and any mother knows a child can burn herself like that.)

Janus: People don't give Eve all the credit she's due -- she understands change. She understands the power an idea can have in changing the world. And by inspiring those changes through humans, she does more good for humanity than some so-called Angels. I like her. (Janus is the spirit that sweeps through and transforms the world, and women owe a lot to him. But the same tornado that tears apart the old, corrupt ways leaves devastation in its wake.)

Jean: Competent, in her field. And patient. Too few Archangels are patient. She knew that contraceptives would be good for women, but also knew that human society must adapt to them slowly and carefully, for example. We can work together. (Cool, and too reserved. Jean doesn't understand women any more than he understands men. He's alien to the experiences that I promote and fight for. But he rarely opposes me.)

Jordi: Women bear the young. The young swarm out and grow up. The young become men and women, and the women bear the young for the men, and so on. Cut down the women, you cut down the young and reduce the pressure. But she won't see that! (Jordi tries, but cannot and will not see. And I will not compromise with genocide.)

Khalid: The Qu'ran speaks well of women, even if its words are sometimes misapplied. Eve strives to make changes that benefits women, but also accepts the traditional roles of women. The Faithful should respect one who respects them. Though perhaps she should leave the Islamic Nations to my guidence. (Faith is necessary -- utterly necessary -- for humanity to survive. But Khalid hasn't yet come all the way back into the light of faith, and too many of his beloved Islamic sects mutilate or oppress women. The Qu'ran does not command such behavior, and I will never stop fighting against it.)

Laurence: I have a certain respect for what Eve has meant. I also know that no matter what Ophis did or didn't do in the Garden, it is well known that Eve's was the sin of accepting temptation. It doesn't matter -- she's weak, and slow. Too patient. What good is she to the task at hand? Still, she is willing to let her Hawwah into my service, and that helps. (So heroic, with such ideals and such goals and fears burning in his eyes. He may not respect my efforts enough, but I have great hopes for his. He is a perfect knight, in the best ways possible, and I will support him. In my own way, of course.)

Litheroy: Twaddle about the "feminine mystique" aside, Eve is as difficult to work out as any human. I suppose that makes sense, but still -- just because she's soft-spoken instead of outspoken, do we automatically assume she's better than Lilith? Both lie, twist truths, and manipulate to get their way. I think perhaps there is a reason humanity shouldn't have Words -- and how did Yves give her one, anyhow? (Ah, Litheroy. Perhaps we were meant for each other. I am called the Nurturer, and you really need to grow up.)

Marc: Eve is willing to walk the necessary paths to reach her goals, but doesn't always understand the price of those goals. She is definitely good, and her agenda is one I support... but it bothers me that she's far more willing to cheat, steal or lie to get her way than her so-called infernal counterpart, Lilith. (Marc is a conciliator, a diplomat and a good business man. I find it amusing he thinks I'm the dishonest one. Still, setting aside his disturbing attraction to the Snake, he is often a collaborator and can be a valuable ally, regardless of his personal feelings about me.)

Michael: There are many ways to fight a War, and many ways to be a Warrior. I like Eve -- she's got backbone she never needs to show, and she feints better than most. Her Hawwah can be useful, too. I'm glad she's with us and on our side. (He is the strongest of us all -- and if he can be an infuriatingly arrogant mass of testosterone, forever solving delicate issues by cleaving them in two... well, he's at least willing to let women do the cleaving too, if they wish. And doesn't a man like that need a woman to help guide his path, mm?)

Novalis: Mother Eve. The Maiden, Mother and Crone. The essence of femininity. The world needs Eve, just like they need Women. If the Earth can be seen as Humanity's Cradle, she is their Mother. And even if she'll kill to protect her young, she will always try the soft approach first. I like that. (Novalis is the purest Angel I know. She never loses hope. She never loses heart. She never loses her clear, crystal vision of what hope really means. Hers are worthy goals.)

Yves: Eve and Lilith. Lilith and Eve. Two so very similar. Two so very different. Where will their dance lead? Is Lilith truly beyond Redemption? And is Eve truly incapable of Falling? (Yves has the most vital of roles, and one I find awe-inspiring. I hope my efforts help his. Next to him, I feel very small, and perhaps not equal to the task he has laid before me.)

Zadkiel: A mother protects her children. A champion protects her cause. A lifemate protects her husband -- and her husband's dreams. Eve and I fit together. And where possible, I will protect her. (Zadkiel is a woman, more than any other angel. I can feel her need to protect, to cherish... though she needs to be careful not to choke off her charges' future.)

Of course, the Princes have opinions of the Mother of Humanity as well....

Andrealphus: Mmm... what can I say? Where would I be without women, eh? And as for the alleged first woman? Well, let's just say I've known her for a long time. I'm sure you've heard the rumors. And Eve is all woman. (Damnably attractive, and ultimately destructive. Andrealphus loves women like he loves meat -- he consumes us, objectifies us, uses us and casts us aside. And sometimes, it feels so very good. He is more dangerous to women than most.)

Alaemon: For a very long time, women kept their power through subterfuge, through disinformation and through keeping quiet. In many ways, that remains true, and no woman tries to hide in secrets more than the Archangel. She strengthens me. (Alaemon takes the privacy, the modesty and the trust that human beings have in one another -- men and women especially -- and makes them paranoid and foul. He corrupts what should be special.)

Asmodeus: The wonderful thing about women is they all believe they make up the rules of the game. They're certain that they can bend them if they wish. They tease about it. Banter about it. It's all part of their little fun. And Eve is the worst of the lot. She can twist even the most innocent gallentry into a pledge to support her cause, and convince her poor milksop to fight and die for it. So very female of her, don't you think? (Human emotions, human caring, and the driving force of human goals are more than just moves in some twisted game. Women fuel and inspire, and achievement comes from belief and from cooperation. Asmodeus would take that all away.)

Baal: Women. Men. They can fight, and they breed. Otherwise, who cares? Women make better war prizes than battlefields though, and Eve should remember that when she's out promoting her crusades. Tell her Ophis says hello. (When you read about mass rapes in villages, about ethnic cleansing and the machine gunning of children, and the atrocities soldiers will do in the name of their hate or lust or boredom, you're reading Baal's name in clear, bloody letters.)

Beleth: The Hawwah can be very useful, learning fears with a glance. I actively... recruit them, where I possibly can. As for Eve? She is small, and very scared, and knows she is insufficient for her position. I need not even bother. (Beleth takes the goals of women and all mankind and shreds them in the teeth of their fears. She is more dangerous than you can imagine -- and of all the Princes of Hell, only she actively covets my daughters. She must be stopped. She must be stopped.)

Belial: Women burn. Eve burns. And she's a coward. I don't have time for her. (If an essential component of womanhood is growth and nurturing, Belial is our antithesis. In the flames dreams can die right alongside the women who cradled them.)

Fleurity: I'm wondering if "Women" is a big enough word for, y'know, an Archangel. I mean, "Humanity," sure. But Women? And where's the Archangel of Men? Still, women take, use, drop and buzz just like men do. I'm an equal opportunity employer. And you can't have crack babies without women, now can you? (Fleurity is in a daze -- he needs to be guided from it and shown the error of his ways. That being said, there are greater dangers that must have more of our attention right now.)

Furfur: Women? Women? Look, if women can keep up, they can party! If they can't keep up, make them the party! Put the hard back into Hardcore! (A disgusting, loathsome pig, who aspires to be Genubath reincarnated. Do not let this happen! Violence against women, rape and the rest cannot be tolerated. Keep him from establishing a foundation, and let the Princes grow bored with him and tear him apart.)

Haagenti: Women shop. They buy. They taste good with cheese. What more do you want from me -- I'm eating here. (Haagenti is responsible for the stereotypical image of spendthrift wives buying out their husbands' credit cards with no concern for the future. That alone is reason to fight him. Still, he remains a lesson -- a child left to fend for himself, with no mother to guide him, remains a monstrous child forever.)

Kobal: Eve... the punchline of one of the oldest jokes, y'know it? I mean, do you know what happened in that Garden? Me either. But whatever happened, it's all Eve's fault, not Adam's. Right? That's what the Book says, right? Must be hard to be blamed for all the sin in the world... me, I'm laughing here. (Kobal isn't funny. He's that flush of embarrassment when you realize they're laughing at you. He's the angry little 'jokes' that make teenage girls anorexic or suicidal. I'm not laughing, Kobal.)

Kronos: Mm. Mother Eve. A minor functionary of Yves at best, a minor annoyance at worst. Her own unwillingness to take the stand, to suffer the stones as they strike, to fight her own battles will lead to her Fate. Every person she convinces to fight for her condemns her just a little more. (Fate is, at its heart, settling for what's easy and comfortable over what's right. Kronos is the opposite face of Yves in practice, and Yves is the standard to which I aspire. Kronos is forever my enemy.)

Lilith: That insufferable little cow means nothing to me. She was made a slave, and she lives the slave's life now. Her children are pathetic copies of my Daughters, without even the ability to set geases. They're helpless and frail, just like their pathetic mother. And she has the clothing sense of a retarded vole! (The Snake hates me. I am everything she was not. I represent the path she didn't take. The path of loyalty, and constancy -- of partnership and love and nurturing. She likes to think she walked out of Eden and never looked back, but she did look back. And deep inside her she wonders why Adam stayed with me, instead of following her out.)

Lilith and Eve

Legend states (incorrectly) that Adam was the first man, and Eve was his wife. If they had been, then the first family of humanity was at best dysfunctional. Lilith was Adam's first wife, but with her Free Will came the ability to leave the garden, which she did. Eve was second, but was also constant and true, and arguably happier with Adam than Lilith was alone.

It is impossible to say which of them was right and which was wrong in their choices. It simply follows that they made the opposite decision, and hate each other for it. Lilith actively hates Eve -- referring to her as "the old milk cow" and never speaking remotely positively about her. She hates her for not exercising her Free Will and leaving the Garden. While she claims that Eve was specifically made to be a slave and was broken to her husband before birth, she can't shake the nagging, horrible thought that Eve chose to remain, and still managed to enjoy her life.

Eve on the other hand finds Lilith to be insufferable, smug, arrogant and selfish. "The Snake" might not have been the one who came to Eden, but she certainly has enough poison to do so. Eve can't shake the tiny voice that asks if she should have left too -- if she should have been stronger and made her own life instead of taking his life on.

They have many areas where they grudgingly cooperate -- most significantly in Women's Rights. The day the Nineteenth Amendment passed in the United States, both Eve and Lilith were on the scene and made no trouble for each other. However, they also have areas where they have been in bitter opposition -- Lilith was no fan of Imperial Rome for example, whereas Eve supported the women of the marble city -- well educated, often given over to rule, and as devious and machiavellian as the men were.

Their war is a cool one -- Lilith doesn't dare target the Hawwah for death. It would jeapordize her position as a near-neutral. Besides, there's no profit in it. She does go out of her way to destroy most Fallen Hawwah, however.

Magog: Eve is easy to torment. Just start targeting victims in her name. It's amazing what she's willing to do to prevent your worst impulses. (Magog is hideous. I have little truck with Gabriel, but will gladly support her in destroying that horror.)

Malphas: Women? Oh, I love women. Always forming little cliques, always whispering between each other, always coming between brothers or friends. They say Helen of Troy had a face fair enough to launch a thousand ships full of people willing to die for her. There's nothing like sex to really break people up. (Malphas is frightening, rotting out the true partnerships that can form between men and women. Jealousy, envy, anger... all those are his hallmarks, and each weakens us. We must come together despite the lure of Factions, and gently hold each other when the world would keep us apart.)

Mammon: For a long time, women were wealth. I still have a harem, you know. Just like Solomon did, according to the Book. Women can be hoarded and coveted and traded and sold, like any other commodity. Baa for me, Eve. Baa. (Greed paints us and all too often tempts us, like all of humanity. And of course, you rarely hear about the male golddiggers or female Sugar Mommies. No, it's always the woman who's willing to sell herself out of greed. In stereotype, at least. Fortunately, Mammon's an idiot.)

Nybbas: Sometimes, the oldest stories make the best remakes, you know it. And Eve's a great one! Just change things around a little -- instead of snake, make it a trouser snake. Instead of an apple, make it Eve's little apple. It's all the same thing, just one sells better! And naked innocence always sells big big big! And women? Love 'em! Bikini babes can even sell tampons effectively! (Nybbas is the personification of style over substance. The strength of womanhood is substance -- the foundation of the world rides on the convoluted depths of women's spirit. Nybbas would strip women of that heritage along with sensible clothing and leave them half-naked and draped on a man in a beer commercial.)

Saminga: Women die, don't they? What's the difference? (Saminga has one saving grace. He's incapable of discrimination. It is cold comfort.)

Valefor: Eve wants nothing more than to give women dignity and self esteem. And those are the two easiest things to steal from women. Still, Eve's more beautiful than she lets herself know. I've known her particularly well over the years. Don't mention that to Lilith -- I mean, you know why Lilim are green, don't you? (Valefor is frighteningly attractive, and represents a fantasy in so many ways. The extra strong man in leather, riding up and outcharming, outstripping and outstealing everyone around him. It's easy to swoon. Don't fall for it. He wants to take your independence, to steal away your marriage or loved one, to leave you with nothing but him. And then he leaves too.)

Vapula: Eve? Eve fascinates me. From all reports, she makes Hawwah from herself. They come from her like Lilim come from Lilith. If we could isolate the common elements, we could isolate the methods used. And do you realize she was the first creature to be built from the Force of another creature? If I could have her and Lilith for a week, to study the differences in their composition and growth... oh, what we could learn! (Vapula is a disgusting creature. Intelligence is not wisdom. If he had someone to guide him, to channel his energy towards his goals...)

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