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"The World was once pure, but now lies defiled. Cleanse it of the corruption and bring it once more to God's Purity."

"And he preached in their synagogues throughout all Galilee, and cast out devils. And there came a leper to him, beseeching him, and kneeling down to him, and saying unto him, If thou wilt, thou canst make me clean."

--Mark 1:39

Since his redemption and purification, Belial has become the righteous force of conversion and cleansing, spanning the Earth with the speed of an Ofanite, leaving the fires of Heaven behind him, and the holy or the dead in his wake. A strongly militant Archangel, Belial seeks nothing less than the destruction of Hell and all its works. He is not yet as powerful as most Archangels, and his Servitors are still limited in number, but with every passing day more Renegades are redeemed to his cause, and Servitors of War, the Wind and Stone -- tired of years without productive motion in the war -- have swept to Belial's banner. With the purification of his fires, these Servitors are fanatically loyal and passionately committed.

Belial is perhaps the least subtle of Archangels, and the most likely to violate the restrictions against direct interventions on Earth. His Servitors like things bright and loud -- using Fire as holy cleansing instead of pure destruction doesn't make it any less bright.

When dealing with humanity, Belial considers himself an extension of Gabriel's fire against the cruel, purifying humanity by eliminating the corruptions.

In appearance, Belial is an energetic man, shaven bald in monk's robes. When needing to appear incogneto on Earth (which he is not disposed to do, but is sometimes necessary), Beliel generally will wear plain clothes or hand-me-downs, in intentional contrast to his sophisticated veneer as a Demon Prince. He is always bald, and always manifests in male form (to date). He is enthusiastic, hammering at those around him with speech and handshakes. His frenetic passion is infectious, and he often draws others into working with him on any project -- from cleaning up a toxic spill to firebombing an Infernal tether. His zeal is like a recovering smoker -- the fanaticism of the convert. His course seems certain at all times, and he never speaks with doubt. Nor, to even Gabriel's regret, with humility.

As the Archangel of Cleansing, Belial and his Servitors are proactive in the War, not waiting for others to come to them. They carry their message and duty to the heart of the corrupt, and use fire, water and the strength of conviction to make it pure again.


The Servitors of Cleansing are charged with putting the world through the crucible and making it pure. Their lot is hard. They receive dissonance if they take any action that encourages the corrupt or that corrupt the pure. This includes assisting any Demon in any task other than the seeking of Redemption (though that assistance can be roundabout, skirting the edges of dissonance).

The Cleansers are also expected to be pure in act and deed, always. Therefore, any act which violates their Choir dissonace conditions has its dissonance penalty doubled.



Attuned to the Truth of the Symphony, the Most Holy of Cleansing are adept at rooting out any sign of demonic corruption. Seraphim of Belial can double their Celestial Forces when computing the range of detecting a disturbance created by Infernal powers, and receive +3 to their Perception rolls for it. They may also add two to the Check Digit of the roll to determine what happened. If they succeed at the Perception roll at all, they will know the deed was done by a demon (but not which one).

CHERUBIM (Restricted)

The Hounds of Cleansing are the Shephards and Guides, staying close to their charges and leading them from corruption to having their sins washed away. With a successful Perception Roll, a Cherub of Belial can discern the corruptions within their Attuned's souls. For mortals, these can be the secrets of guilt and selfish pleasures hidden inside their souls. For Angels (or demons) this is the amount of dissonance they carry and the types of Discord they possess. The Cherub learns the sins of their Attuned based on the Check Digit of the Perception Roll, with greater information learned for higher digits.

OFANIM (Restricted)

The Wheels of Belial are his terrible swift swords, bringing the wrath of Cleansing down upon the corrupt. Ofanim can choose "the place most in need of cleansing" as the location they seek when using their Resonance, even if that place is not "in the public consciousness" as a polluted place. Note that a toxic waste dump is just as polluted as a Tether to Lust for purposes of this attunement.

ELOHIM (Restricted)

The Powers of Belial are his crucibles. Objectively weighing the purity and corruption of those around them, they know just how to apply the right pressure to force out the unclean aspects. As part of their Resonance roll, Elohim of Cleansing can learn how their target feels about a given activity, and what manipulation will reinforce or discourage those feelings in the future.


The Virtues of Belial are rare in the extreme, given that most of his Angels come from Redemption or being Outcast Angels (at least to date). Belial's Malakim are charged with the ultimate cleansing -- destruction of the offense to the Symphony. Whenever one of these Malakim comes within his Ethereal Forces times his Celestial Forces in yards of an Infernal, he can make a Perception roll to detect the demon and learn the Demon's general direction. The demon may resist with Will.

KYRIOTATES (Restricted)

In Cleansing one finds purity, but in purity one does not find uniformity. Belial's Kyriotates are charged with learning the diversity in cleansing, to ultimately know best what is clean but different... and what cannot be cleaned. (It is also said that the first of Belial's Servitors to actually be Cleansed and Redeemed, and not destroyed instead, was a Shedite. This new Kyriotate was nothing like Belial, and Belial learned a lesson from that.) Kyriotates of Cleansing can more easily possess those with Discord or Disadvantages, subtracting the level of Discord from the host's total in terms of how many Forces they need to allocate to the host. The Kyriotate must allocate at least one Force to the host, however, and the Kyriotate suffers from the effects of the Discord as though they had it. By living within one's flaws, the Kyriotate learns how easily a pure life can be maintained within them.


Intercessionists of Belial are the shephards, gently leading the corrupt to rebirth. The Mercurians of Cleansing try to insert themselves into bad situations and lead those involved to good ones. Often they can be found in roles of social workers or minor gang members, working to change the tenor of an area. With a successful perception roll, a Mercurian of Belial can see if a man's path is generally selfish or selfless, with examples of both granted to the level of the Check Digit. (Note that by using this attunement at -4 the Angel can tell if a Demon -- drowning in selfishness -- seeks redemption. However, the gamemaster should make this roll in secret. If the roll fails, the gamemaster should lie.)



This attunement is identical to Belial's Demonic attunement (In Nomine p.167). As the Holy Fire of Gabriel has cleansed Belial, so the flames can restore lost Strength to his Servitors.

Purity of the Crucible

While there is much concern over Belial and his possibly Falling again, this is not a concern his Servitors have. With this attunement, so long as Belial -- the ultimate Demon redeemed -- remains angelic, so will the Servitor. No Angel of Cleansing with this Attunement can Fall so long as Belial hasn't. He can become dissonant and gain discord as a Malakite does, but will not actually Fall. Generally, this Attunement is granted when a demon is successfully redeemed into his service, before even a Choir Attunement.

Note that Belial hates dissonance and discord in his Servitors, and he and his organization actively patrol for it. His Cherubim are often used for this service. Unrepentant Angels can be punished, Outcast or even destroyed.

It is also feared that should Belial actually Fall, he will drag down any Servitor with this Attunement down to Hell with him. But Belial's Servitors would never believe that could happen -- or that Belial himself could Fall in the first place....


While Belial's organization is new, he has redeemed some powerful demons into his Angelic service, and has used this foundation to build an organization. Therefore, there are Distincted Angels in his service early.

Vassal of the Holy Flame

This Distinction is the equivilant of Belial's old "Knight of the Infernal Furnaces" Distinction in ability.

Friend of the Reborn

Adept at the baptism that brings darkness back into the light, these Angels can, when pouring water over or otherwise performing a ceremony of baptism on a person (and expending three Essence) can once a day restore them body, mind and spirit. The effect is the same as singing all three Songs of Healing at level one on the target.

Master of the New Life

The Master automatically detects any choice a person makes that leads them onto a new path for life -- for better or worse -- within 10 yards times his Celestial Forces.


It is worth noting that no Archangel other than Gabriel is even Associated with Belial. Belial's redemption is too fresh, his methods too controversial and even violent, for any of the others to accept him. In the fullness of time, especially if Belial begins to associate himself with Heavenly Society, this can change.

As for Belial himself -- there are several Archangels whose tactics and messages are onces he can approve of. His sympathies are largely with the War faction, naturally. Those who take the battle to the enemy and force change are, in their own ways, supporting the Word of Cleansing, after all. Belial has no rancor for the Peace Faction, however. Novalis in particular may not agree with Belial's mission or values, but her own crusade is utterly pure, and Belial respects the Cleansing she promotes.

Those Archangels whose convictions seem suspect or variable, on the other hand, have Belial's contempt. Eli's randomness, Blandine's ephemeral nature and especially Marc's... compromise seem to Belial the most insidious paths to corruption. And he has a certain suspicion of Dominic -- while he agrees with Dominic's methods and certainty very much, he cannot forget Dominic's persecution of Gabriel.

Allied: Gabriel (Gabriel considers herself allied with Belial)
Associated: David, Jordi, Laurence, Michael, Novalis, Yves (No one considers themselves Associated with Belial)
Hostile: Blandine, Eli, Marc (Blandine, Dominic, Janus and Marc are Hostile to Belial)


  • Tell an inspirational story to a sinner.
  • Clean up a polluted lot.
  • Attend a Confirmation or Baptismal service at a church.


  1. A bottle of disinfectent
  2. A newly consecrated church or other newly created holy place
  3. A "Higher Power" oriented recovery meeting (12 step program)
  4. The skull of a demon's vessel, no longer attached to the rest.
  5. A defiled place, made pure again.
  6. A demon, sincerely seeking redemption.
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