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Some Days in the Life

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Le Salon D'Échange D'Ambassadorial had a good number of members in, for three o'clock on a Tuesday. There was usually someone in for a late lunch, or a cigar and the paper -- as a private club, smoking was permitted in certain rooms. It was a place to relax, or eat, or do quiet business, so long as everyone played by the rules.

The Hostess made her way from table to table, smiling slightly. Her grey business suit was immaculately cut, grey skirt with the partial slit, grey coat over off-white blouse, golden necklace, gold and diamond earrings and expensive watch, her blond hair exquisitely piled atop her head, her grey eyes warm but so very alert.

"...don't think you understand," one of her new members was saying in his booth, a little too loudly. He was talking into a cellular phone, and was clearly upset. "There isn't a precedent. If we can show copyright infringement Infotech's suit holds and they get rich and we get rich. But if we can't... Judge Thompson? We're dead. We're so dead. I don't think I can even go back to the office today--"

"Pardon," the Hostess said with a smile, touching the new member's hand -- Alan, it was. Alan Soucy. A corporate lawyer. "You are speaking a bit loudly. Your voice is carrying." She smiled her best smile.

Soucy blinked. "Sorry," he muttered. "Barb -- I'll call you back." He hung up. "Sorry -- the sandwich is great, by the way--"

"You are concerned about your case," the Hostess said, her accent laced with Parisian overtones. "This would be the lawsuit Information Technologies lodged against Miller and Rich?"

"Huh? Yeah. Yeah, I'm one of Infotech's lawyers -- well, we are, our practice--"

"And you are concerned, yes? Mm." The Hostess frowned a hair, looking away from Soucy's eyes. He realized she'd been gazing in them a moment before. "I believe you mentioned Judge Thompson. Judge Brandon Thompson?"

"What? Yes -- he's hard, and very pro-old money. If he rules aga--"

"Yes yes, I understand." She smiled slightly. "He is a member of this club -- he comes in Fridays, and orders the fish. An old school Catholic. Let me give him a call, and see what I can do."

Soucy blinked. "See what you... you mean, you can influence him."

"Now now, don't be crass, Monsieur Soucy -- may I call you Alan?"

"What? Sure."

The Hostess smiled broadly. "Then call me Geneva. No, Brandon is a friend. I've done him a few turns and he's done me a few turns. I'm certain if I chat with him, we can resolve this. Then you can be my friend too, so when I need something from you...." she winked.

Alan laughed. "If you can sway Thompson, I'll be at your command, Geneva. Promise."

"Mm -- I'll be back in twenty minutes. Have some of the mousse. It's Stephen's best dessert today -- he's managed to hint the vanilla with citrus without overwhelming it." She smiled to him, moving away. At her command indeed....

She paused, where George Jackson was devouring her Chicken Alfredo. "Does it meet with your approval, George?" she asked with a coy smile.

"Approval?" he asked, almost incredulous. "This is amazing, Geneva. I've never had it so good. I feel like a pig just wolfing it down--"

"Oh, I am glad," she said, delight on her face. "I spent hours on that sauce, to dazzle your discerning palate--"

"You made this? Not Stephen?"

"Well, I do know one end of a kitchen from the other." She smirked.

"I am honored, then. And very happy. Marry me, please -- this sauce alone is dowry enough."

"Your wife would cook me for dinner, dear George. But please. I blush. Excuse me -- I must see to the others."

Passing by the Baker boy, who was playing chess with his older sister, she paused, hand on his back, and murmured in his ear. He looked delighted and made a move, his sister laughing and complaining all at once. She caught Rick Daniels looking at her legs, then looking at her eyes for that second before looking away. Slipping out her pad, she wrote a quick room number and time, for the almost infamous third floor chambers, and swayed a bit in her walk as she dropped it on his table and moved on.

"Nichole," she murmured to one of the waitresses as she was stepping out, in white tuxedo shirt, bow tie and black slacks, as the waiters and busboys were.

"Yes, Geneva," she asked, smiling.

"Robert Foster seems... interested in you. If you'd care to take a break and give him something of a lunchtime thrill, feel free to do so."

Nichole blinked. "What? B-but... I'm not that--"

Geneva gently pulled on the hook in Nichole's soul. "Come now," she said softly. "It would be a favor to me and to Robert alike. And there's nothing wrong with it -- he's not paying for it. This is no brothel. Why, I've an assignation of my own with Rick Daniels. It would be kind, all around, and take no more than an hour...."

Nichole shivered slightly. "Of course," she half-whispered. "If it would help you out... sure."

"Good, good." Geneva moved inside. She needed to call Judge Thompson and report back to Alan Soucy -- not to mention find her red bustier. The price of doing business was time, of course -- and it was a good day, for a Tuesday.


Free Lilim

Corporeal Forces
Ethereal Forces
Celestial Forces

Vessel: Human Female (Tall, angular, with blond hair and classic appearance), Level 3, Charisma +3

Role: Geneva Roulette (Salon/Luncheon Club Keeper)/4 Status: 4

Servants: 4 Normal Humans (Class: 4, Level: 3); 2 Guards (Full Demon Djinn, working off Geas/5's)

Songs: Healing (Corporeal/3); Attraction (Ethereal/3); Charm (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/2; Celestial/2); Harmony (Ethereal/3); Motion (Celestial/3); Seals (Corporeal/2); Shields (Corporeal/3).

Skills: Savoir-Faire/4; Seduction/4; Fast-Talk/3; Artistry (Piano)/1; Detect Lies/3; Dodge/2; Emote/2; Language (French)/3; Singing/1

Artifacts: Room Gargoyle (A statue which, once invoked, sings the Celestial Song of Seals at Level 5 on the entire of a single "establishment", holds 4 Essence which can only be used to cast the Song); Tiffany Vannerie bracelet watch (Reliquary/5).

Geases: Geas/2 (owed to Alaemon); Geas/5 (owed to Andrealphus); 2 Geas/3 (owed to Lilith); Geas/3 (owed to Baal); 4 Geas/1 (owed to various sisters); Geas/5 (owed to Seldon).

Attunements: Lilim of Lust; Lilim of the War; Lilim of Gluttony; Lilim of Factions; Lilim of Theft.

Special Rites: Lilith's full standard set (and Dissonance Conditions) plus walk the entire Freedom Trail in Boston; Andrealphus's spending half an hour participating in sexual acts, taking someone's virginity and causing a human to introduce another human to a new form of sexual activity.

Geneva is an experienced Free Lilim, well regarded by several Princes who she has served in the past. Geneva has often been used in situations where a skilled, knowledgeable and effective "third party" was needed. Crafted by Lilith in the year 1230 AD, Geneva has a long run as a Free Lilim. Sadly, she's never come anywhere near true Freedom in the last seven hundred and seventy years, always finding her eyes and desires exceed her reach too much. Even at this stage she is beholden to various Princes for periods from a week to half a year, for various gifts given.

Geneva has always been a perfectly selfish mercenary. For centuries, she took long term contracts with Princes, working extremely efficiently for a huge variety of Demon Princes. She's taken Year Geas assignments at various times with Andrealphus, Baal, Haagenti, Lilith, Malphas and Valefor, with shorter contract work with Alaemon, Beleth, Nybbas and Vapula. Of course, she's also worked with and for plenty of lesser Demons.

Geneva has never cared to work with Angels -- while the popular perception of "Free Lilim" may be "halfway to Renegade" Lilim, Geneva hasn't the slightest interest in Redemption. She prefers the honest self-interest of any demon to the sanctimonious altruism of the angels. But, when it's come up in the past she's coped with it like a professional.

In the last century, Geneva has started to collect her resources and really build her mortal position -- she's decided that she's most comfortable building her web of mortal favors and working in mortal concerns. She's therefore spent a lot of time building Le Salon D'Échange D'Ambassadorial (literally, the Ambassadorial Exchange Salon). This is a luncheon and gentleman's club of the old style, where members can drop by for a meal, or a discussion, or a cigar or a drink. With time, women were also allowed into the club, but it remains "members only." Even membership isn't a problem -- no one is refused, though there is a thirty-five dollar a year membership fee and members have to sign a contract of both a code of conduct and of dress when they come (business casual is the absolute minimum.) Geneva has "passed the club on" to "descendants" three times over the past ninety-five years. Her current Role, Geneva Roulette, has run Le Salon D'Échange D'Ambassadorial for sixteen years. She is an absolute fixture in Boston's Beacon Hill district, always invited to the best parties and openings, and presides over the Salon daily, making members feel special and cared for.

Of course, Geneva has really used the club to build a complex web of Geases, from the minor to the significant. Many of Boston's most influential men and women know that Geneva Roulette can often pull the strings no one else can, and seek out her patronage. Geneva is an expert at concealing the nature of her Geases -- able to convince her "friends" that they're simply doing her favors for favors, even when they find themselves doing things they'd never countenance normally.

Geneva prefers working with humans to working with Celestials, but her central location makes her a convenient contact for Demons who seek information. Geneva has a good relationship with several prominent demons throughout the Boston area, and uses her influence among mortals and demons alike to protect her Salon from Angels (who by now know she's there, but also know she's more trouble than she's worth to displace). In particular, she is on excellent terms with the Seneschals of the two Freedom tethers in the area (Boston Harbor and nearby Concord Green), and has them both on her cell phone's speed dial, ready to pull in (or trade) a favor for assistance. She also generally has a few demons owe her favors, which translates into in-Salon help. Two tough Djinn are currently working off time in the Salon, watching security monitors and holding Attunements on Geneva herself.

The staff of the Salon tends to be beholden directly to Geneva as well. For example, her current Sous-chef, Stephen, was homeless and desperate. Geneva took him in, cleaned him up, gave him a job and a bed, and (when she learned he was intelligent and capable with simple food in the kitchen) ended up sponsoring him for Culinary School, with the agreement that he would work for her afterward. He is solidly bound to her, with several Geases owed, and loves her dearly. Geneva feels comfortable when her employees adore her and have multiple Geases she can invoke. It makes everything easier.

Geneva is getting a bit concerned about the Geases on her -- in particular her Geas/5 to Andrealphus. She knows he can recall her to six months service of one kind or another whenever he wishes, and Andrealphus greatly likes Geneva. (Her reliquary -- an eight thousand dollar watch from Tiffany's -- was a gift from the Beautiful Prince.) She knows he would dearly love to have her on his permanent staff, but she has no desire to see Le Salon D'Échange D'Ambassadorial become a brothel. Right now, any sexual favors performed on the premises are purely to ensure Geneva gets geases, and the police can't arrest her for that. (Not that they would -- the Chief of Police and several City Councilmen are members.) Of greatest concern is her Geas/5 to Seldon, the very Angelic Seneschal of the M.I.T. Media Lab. She had come very close to losing her Vessel to Dian, when Seldon came out of nowhere and gave her shelter for a price. That price is over Geneva's head, and it worries her. She has yet to work against Seldon (since she doesn't want to make herself a target, she's afraid the Game will learn she owns a Geas/5 to a powerful Angel, and she doesn't want to end up losing her Vessel after all -- she has no Heart to fall back on, and her private terror is that she will be lost in Limbo long enough for her Salon and her organization to be destroyed). That fear has been enough for her to collect and give a favor or two to Alaemon's local organization, where she's building enough ties to perhaps have a Heart forged for her. If that doesn't work, then she's likely to go to Andrealphus for it -- but she's afraid that will lead to her Serving him...

In day to day use, she likes to employ her Lilim of Lust attunement to learn Needs with touches, and her Lilim of the War attunement to ingratiate herself with members or convince people that following her Geases is really for the best. Occasionally, she'll spend some time in the kitchen and use her Lilim of Gluttony attunement to hook in a difficult (or very regular) customer -- and enhance her reputation at the same time.

Geneva Roulette is a powerful and well-established background character. She is perhaps best used as the Lilim everyone can go to for information or a favor -- for a price. In Angelic games, Geneva makes for a good Femme Fatale -- especially one the PCs have to soft-pedal around to avoid mundane attention. While Geneva is at best a necessary evil, she can liven a campaign up a hair.

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