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Trudiel (Truda)
Malakite of Creation in Service to War

Corporeal Forces
Ethereal Forces
Celestial Forces

Vessel: Blond haired slim girl/6 (Charisma -1).

Role: Trudy Rothstein (anarchy rave chick)/4.

Songs: Blades (Corporeal/5; Celestial/3); Cacophony (Celestial/2); Entropy (Corporeal/3, Ethereal/3, Celestial/3); Healing (Corporeal/4, Ethereal/2, Celestial/2); Numinous Corpus (Claws/2, Wings/1); Possession (Celestial/5); Shields (Corporeal/5, Ethereal/1); Storms (Corporeal/4, Ethereal/3, Celestial/3); Transfiguration/3

Skills: Acrobatics/6; Artistry/3 (Poetry); Climbing/4; Dodge/6; Driving/1; Escape/4; Fast-Talk/4; Fighting/6; Knowledge (Popular Music)/3; Lockpicking/4; Move Silently/4; Ranged Weapon (Pistol)/5.

Artifacts: Pistol (Corporeal/2)

Discord: Angry/2

Malakite Oaths: Suffer not an evil to live when it is her choice; Never surrender in a fight or allow herself to be captured by the forces of Hell; Never get attached to a material object in any way; Always express your true opinion in the bluntest possible way.

Attunements: Malakite of Creation; Malakite of War; Abracadabra

Truda was crafted in the 1400's, fledging Malakite and serving Eli with passionate love and great skill and devotion. A poet of great skill, Truda found herself walking the paths of poetry, helping to inspire some of the great poetic movements. There is a rumor she was Shakespeare's Dark Lady (though many others have been put forward for that distinction as well), rumors she helped Spenser conceive the Faerie Queen, rumors she guided the Romantic poetry movement's early years and inspired William Blake. Whatever the truth, she was one of Eli's brightest Virtues, fighting Hell in many venues and on many levels. She rose to fifteen Forces, and was considered for a Word (Eli having no Distinctions, she was not Distincted).

Which is when her life fell apart. Truda was on a mission, fighting the forces of Hell, when the objective of her mission had a sword to his throat. She was forced to surrender, causing Dissonance. The moment her hands were bound in Will Shackles, the man she was liberating was slain, and Truda was dragged to Hell, taking more Dissonance yet. This was 1850. Truda would remain in Hell until the 1960's, in Vapula's hands.

Truda had no illusions. She would never be rescued. She would endure the pain of her Dissonance and her dishonor, and be tortured slowly and die in Hell, her Forces dispersed. But she kept her will strong and her spirit bright. She knew her beloved Eli remembered her. She knew her beloved Eli created and inspired. She knew Heaven would win the War.

Her escape was luck, and the foolishness of an Imp she wove words around. She freed Dian at the same time, and the pair hauled the Imp (who had been made from Dian's Forces) from Hell. Truda left Dian and her "charge," and rose to Heaven, to her Archangel's Cathedral, to throw herself down and beg forgiveness and accept judgment.

But Eli wasn't there. Eli had left. Eli had quit. And they said he didn't even remember his children any more.

The Dissonance burning in Truda twisted. Carried for over a century, Truda snapped it into the undercurrent of anger that fuels her soul now. Howling in rage, she flung pottery and smashed stain glass throughout the Halls of Creation until the Cherubim who still guarded it hauled her out. Dominic's Angels waited outside, and Truda was taken into custody.

For an angry eternity, Truda was questioned on her dishonor, her Discord, and Hell. While letting her rage twist her words into cynical, acid wit, Truda still told all, holding nothing back. Clearly she didn't care if they destroyed her or not. But they did not. In the end, Janus asked for the fiery Malakite and was granted her Service.

Trudiel (for she refused to acknowledge the name Eli had given her any longer) served well, becoming a force of chaos wherever she and her Wind-companions went. But she never reveled in the Chaos. No, where once Truda had been a creator and poet, inspiring and destroying evil through illumination, now Trudiel was a wrathful Virtue, slashing and destroying Evil wherever she encountered it. And while her bluntness was appreciated (Janus having helped Trudiel adapt her Oaths), it made for trouble when her Wind-brothers were trying to seduce instead of smash.

Janus described the destructive Malakite to Michael, and the Archangel of War appeared to Trudiel. They talked for a long time, ending with Michael offering her a chance to fight, if that's what she wanted. War never ending.

Oh yes, Trudiel said yes. Hell, Trudiel ate this up with a spoon.

Some decades later, Trudiel has found a kind of angry happiness. Working as an independent operative, Trudiel uses her old Creation Attunements as fodder for her never ending battle. Trudiel has developed a role as a ganger and rave chick, letting her unleash some of her more destructive tendencies without Symphonic Disturbance. Michael has been pleased enough to grant her his Attunement. He's made it clear he would grant a Distinction to the Virtue, but only if she officially became his, not a Malakite of Creation in Service to War. Trudiel's response is typically blunt: she was busy being torn apart by hooks when Eli took his powder. She hasn't been officially told to "Do as she will but be cool." Until she sees Eli again, she can't leave his Word.

And when she does see Eli again? She plans to spit in his eye, have him fold the collected poetry that she wrote in his service until it's all sharp corners... and walk out on him. Her disdain for Eli is tremendous.

Today, Trudiel is a powerfully effective Malakite, albeit one who's swift to anger. She usually remains in Boston, though she will travel to continue her war against Hell. She fights like the Wind she once served, swiftly -- but unpredictably. She uses her Malakite of Creation attunement hand in hand with her Abracadabra attunement to create extremely unlikely weapons which she then uses to devastating effectiveness. She also loves her Song of Blades, letting her take pillows and making them bladed weapons, for example.

Trudiel is basically acerbic to everyone she meets. She has few true friends, though she is capable of loyalty to anyone who can accept her blunt style. Very oddly indeed, her closest friend seems to be Brusch, a powerful Seraph of Judgment also assigned permanently to the Boston area. Brusch doesn't mind this at all -- he finds Trudiel's commitment to the Truth refreshing, her passionate war against Hell commendable, and her willingness to let a Judgment Angel keep tabs on a Discordant Malakite of Creation far easier than the alternative.

Trudiel was hammered down below 9 Forces from 15, while in Hell. Since then, she has regained several Forces, letting her experience and skills be coupled with a great deal of strength. Trudiel is powerful, but intelligent on how she uses her power. She tries to put her opposition off balance, always changing the rules, odds and playing field to maximize her opponents' confusion and her own strategy. In an Angelic campaign, Trudiel is great at destroying any carefully built up truces. In a Demonic campaign, Trudiel is a very dangerous adversary.

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