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Mercurian of Lightning

Corporeal Forces
Ethereal Forces
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Vessel: Young Brown Haired Man (Charisma+2).

Role: Michael Daniels (MIT Medical Student in Research)/4 (Status:2)

Songs: Attraction (Ethereal/2); Charm (Corporeal/3, Ethereal/4, Celestial/4); Healing (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/2, Celestial/2)

Skills: Chemistry/3; Computer Operation/2; Driving/2; Electronics/2; Fast Talk/3; Area Knowledge (Boston)/2; Medicine/5; Savoir Faire/3; Seduction/2.

Artifacts: Cell Phone (Corporeal/2); Honda Insight (Corporeal/1); Powerbook (Corporeal/2, User Restriction); OS-19 disc/4; Victorian Doctor's Bag/3; Holy Hood Ornament/3

Attunements: Mercurian of Lightning, Mercurian of the Sword, Remote Control

A moderately young Mercurian recently sent to Earth for the first time, Mica has been posted near the Lightning Tether in the M.I.T. Theory Center, having taken a role as a medical student and researcher attached to the Whitehead Center for Biomedical Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This has been to both give him a home base and to ground him near other Jeanite Servitors.

Mica thinks Earth is by far the coolest thing ever. He loves humanity, and loves interacting with them daily. Having a Role as a Medical Researcher appeals greatly to him, as he encourages human development in life sciences. At the same time, he is where he is to keep an eye for Infernal medical developments, especially in Biomedicine. Too many weapons and too many 'miracle cures' come from Infernal sources, so Jean wants Mercurians seeded where they can easily intercept these developments. Mica is therefore assigned to encourage true human illumination, watch for Infernal illumination, and judge how both of these impact humanity and sociological development. He writes up regular reports and phones in others, receiving instruction from Seldon (the Seneschal of MIT Media Lab), and Jean himself.

Mica has the role of Michael Daniels, a Medical Student in Research, working for a simultaneous Ph.D. and M.D. The practical reason for this role is to keep Mica in school as long as possible, letting him build his Role and get experience with humanity and the Earthly Procedures for Lightning. Once graduated, Michael will likely end up as a junior researcher in a prominent lab somewhere in the World, expanding his autonomy as he proves his skill at assisting without interfering. Ultimately, Mica could be highly placed enough for Jean to use him as a 'seeder' of new technology Jean feels Humanity is ready for. It will take decades for Mica to be considered for such sensitive duty, however -- in the meantime, "Michael" is greatly enjoying people, both helping them and caring for them. While he's working as a research scientist, he still finds himself working rounds and Internships in the Medical School, and finding himself tempted to both use Divine technology or Songs to help his patients recover. He has managed to resist the former, and hasn't been caught doing the latter yet. This also puts him in a position to help injured Angels and Soldiers, and Mica often finds himself sent by Seldon to assist in the field. He finds these things exciting but not really appealing -- he once had to shoot an Impudite, killing his Vessel, and found himself sick for days afterward despite the lack of dissonance.

Michael is something of a playboy, enjoying "human relations" greatly. He is handsome and glib, smooth as any Mercurian, and often finds himself out all night with a co-ed, Research Assistant or random girl found in a club. Jean sniffs at these activities, but so long as Mica's professional duties are attended to, Jean is willing to "let Mercurians be Mercurians." Jean is concerned that Mica could be stalked by a Servitor of Lust, but has not seen reason to rein the Mercurian in. Yet.

Though 9 Forces, Mica is not a balanced starting character. He's moderately powerful and has a good number of artifacts, though his combat effectiveness is limited. He's had an opportunity to learn the greater Metropolitan Boston area as only a Mercurian can, however, and his geniality makes him a good resource for Angelic players to draw off of.

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