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Some Days in the Life

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She walked like a saxophone played, every move calculated but the whole delightfully fluid. She wore blue. Silk shirt, silk pants. Trenchcoat over it all. The police acknowledged her, even as they made sure she didn't cross over into the crime scene proper.

She wasn't trying to. She was coming for me, instead, and I wasn't even under suspicion.

"Mica," she murmured. "What happened here?"

"Michael," I corrected quietly. "Firefight. Literal one. Calabite tearing apart the block, when this girl drops from above. Thought it was you at first glance, but she was too small. Fire column splits the air and torches him, and she goes in with a flaming sword to finish it. Had all the subtlety of a missile launcher, and made enough noise to wake Jordi in the harbor."

Dian looked a hair grim, then nodded. "Gotcha," she said. "You have your car nearby?"


"Good. We're going North."

"Actually -- I need to get back to the hospital. I can give you a lift to--"

"No," she corrected. "You're going North. Get your car."

What can I say? I got my car. Never argue with a beautiful Virtue. It's never worth it. I got in the car and pulled it around.

Dian stared at the small red car before getting in. "What in the name of the Sword is this thing? I thought you Jeanites didn't want Divine technology revealed."

"It's not Divine. It's a Honda Insight. Sixty miles to the gallon."

Dian rolled her eyes. "Whatever. Drive to the North End. That's where we'll find her. I'm going to kill her this time."


"My sister," Dian said absently.

"Your what?"

"Don't ask."

Malakite of the Sword

Corporeal Forces
Ethereal Forces
Celestial Forces

Vessel: Dian Popenoe/4 (Charisma +2).

Role: Dian Popenoe- Private Investigator/3 (Status 3)

Songs: Form (Corporeal/2); Healing (Corporeal/1) Numinous Corpus (Claws/4, Wings/2).

Skills: Large Weapon/3; Fighting/3; Escape/2; Fast Talk/2; Savoir Faire/1; Pistol/2.

Artifacts: Fiery Sword/3; Pistol (Corporeal/3); Neck-chain (Reliquary/2).

Malakite Oaths: Suffer not an evil to live when it is her choice; Never surrender in a fight, nor allow one's self to be captured by the forces of Hell; Never abandon a comrade in any plight when it is her choice; Always act as a model for how she believes others should behave; Never refuse to help honorable souls in need; Always behave as a good child of the Holy Catholic Church.

Attunements: Malakite of the Sword; Malakite of War; Blade Blessing of Laurence; Hunt; Scabbard

Dian has served the Sword as loyally as she knows how for close to three hundred years. However, a hundred years before she was defeated in battle. Hammered down but not slain Corporeally, she was carried in chains to an Infernal Tether, and found herself in Hell, a captive of Vapula. She burned with the humiliation (and the dissonance) but resolved to endure unto death.

Vapula's scientists loved their prize, locking her deep in their labs to test and prod. Perhaps foolishly, they had her in the same maximum security block as a second Malakite -- a Creationer named Truda. The demons studied their whispered interactions between the bars, naturally, but otherwise had the pair in different experiments, testing so many things, really...

Finally, Dian was subjected to the most horrible experiment of them all. Vapula himself came to her, and carefully tore off three of her Forces, a Corporeal, an Ethereal and a Celestial, and recombined them into a Gremlin. Vapula was interested to find out what a demon made entirely from a Malakite would become, but elected to let the Gremlin acclimate for a while before stripping another three Forces from Dian. The Gremlin itself was a loathsome, destructive creature, taking a great joy in mocking the Soul-wounded Malakite as she was put back into her cell. The scientists who accompanied them decided to leave the Gremlin to taunt Dian for a while, "to test her reactions," (or just to torture her).

This was their mistake. Truda was able to bait the Gremlin, teasing it into attacking and managing to free herself when the guard joined the scuffle. Though beaten and Force-stripped herself, Truda was able to slay the guard and bind the Gremlin in her own bonds. She then freed Dian.

But Dian said she couldn't leave without the Gremlin. Rather than destroy it, she felt this perversion of her own self needed to be purified. Taking the Will Shackles the guard had been carrying, she bound the Gremlin and forced it to Ascend to Earth along with the two Malakim.

Truda went on to Heaven to find Eli and beg for forgiveness, but Dian, knowing the Gremlin would be destroyed by the Light of Heaven, went to a Tether instead. Once establishing her identity, she was able to give the Gremlin to the Seneschal to hold while she entered the Tether and summoned Laurence. She explained all that had befallen her, and expressed her remorse over the dishonor of being captured by Hell. Laurence accepted her contrition and received her new Oaths, which converted her dissonance. He then asked what she wanted to do to the Gremlin, who she had been suffering to live, so far.

"Lord," she replied humbly, "I wish to lead her back to light."

Laurence agreed, and for the next decades, Dian stayed on Earth with the Gremlin, Bound into a vessel (and Will Shacked to boot) and named Dana. Dian continued to fight evil and obey her Superior throughout, but also gradually drove Dana towards Heaven, even as Dana naturally grew and developed Forces.

In the end, when Dana had eight Forces, she escaped. Dian pursued her for weeks, before find her -- with Nine Forces and fledged as an Ofanite. More shocking was discovering Dana was with Gabriel, who had accepted her as a Servitor. Before flying away, Gabriel charged Dana to stay with Dian again, and charged Dian to "temper her."

Laurence, when told of all this, reluctantly took the discordant Ofanite into his Service. However, he did not give her his Attunement or remove her Discord, choosing to treat her as a Redeemed Diabolical, despite Dana's claims that she fledged Ofanite directly. He then charged Dian to oversee her 'sister,' but to no longer spend her time training and teaching. It was time to return to work.

Dian (along with Dana) have been in Boston for six years now, and have established themselves as part of the Celestial landscape. Dian's role -- a private investigator -- has built a reputation among Boston's Law Enforcement community for both honor and a respect for the law. She is diligent in her duty, often being "contracted" by her fellow angels, letting her execute her duties within her Role. She also lives as exemplary a life as she can, going to Mass at least once a week and living her mortal life as a good Catholic. She also tries to channel Dana's passion for punishing the cruel, desperate to bring the Discordant Ofanite into line.

Otherwise, she was pleased to discover the Malakite that helped her escape Hell also worked in Boston, but since has been scandalized when associating with the Discordant, angry Trudiel. She is conscious of how much she owes the Creationer and respects that Truda (she refuses to call her by anything but her true name or her Role name) has entered War's service, but Trudiel's unorthodox (and sometimes destructive) methods are Dian's antithesis, and she finds herself arguing with her Choir-sister more than fighting alongside her. Her resonance forces her to admit Trudiel is honorable, however.

Dian has a strikingly beautiful vessel, with long brown hair and a muscular body. She finds it useful to her Role and to her duties. However, she acts with considerable reserve in her interpersonal relationships. She is devout not only as an Angel but as a Catholic, and can be rather vocal about it.

Dian is a useful ally and a dangerous opponent. Unwilling to compromise in the face of evil, she is willing to go the extra mile for someone in need.

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