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Some Days in the Life

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There he was. The rat bastard who'd shot up a convenience store for twenty seven bucks, then fled the law. Izzy, down to the K-Mart, he'd seen him on America's Most Wanted, and there he was. Dana knew she had to be sure, though. She couldn't take the risk of making a mistake. She'd done that once and it'd been Hell. Dana should know.

"Hey man," her target said to the guy across the table from him. They hadn't seen her sit behind them, eating greasy eggs and drinking coffee, all to listen to them once she'd made her target. "I got to go. Heat's still on, y'know?"

"I know," his friend said. "Where you staying at?"

"Brookline, man -- just off Washington Street. You know, that old brownstone up there?"

"Oh yeah, yeah. I know the place."

Dana closed her eyes, feeling the fire under her skin, driving and pushing. Tasting the fire as it reached out, into the city. Looking for the fastest way, the best way up to that brownstone. Letting her taste the route much better than she could taste the toast in her hands. Yes. Yes she knew the way. Knew it better and faster than he did, she'd bet dollars to cheese. She took a drink of coffee and dropped money on the counter. Too much but she didn't care. She slipped out and headed the wrong way, to circle the block. He was going the other way, and now he'd probably be looking over his shoulder. But that was fine. She could taste his address and she knew the fast way, through the basements of the block of student housing, all interconnected, up the steps, across to the B Line which would take her three fourths of the way, and she'd get a car two before his....

And she did, and she found the address. Looked at the door and knew it was right. She checked the lock. It was locked. She took a breath, and closed her eyes. She wouldn't have much time. He couldn't be that far back. But if he saw his door unlocked or broken into, he'd run. She'd catch him but it wouldn't be clean and if it wasn't clean it'd get back to Dian and that'd be trouble. She felt the fire within her skin, but it wasn't her skin. It wasn't her at all. She felt the fire roil and shift and burn and the physical world drop away. To the casual observer she'd look like she vanished, but the very perceptive might see the burning ring of fire rise and roll, free, perceiving all around it now, even as the physical door and wall it was passing through seemed so remote, so distant...

The world pushed against her, outraged at her Celestial presence. Well, that was fine. She could settle back into Corporeality. And then search -- look for something with a name, with a face, with something from Toledo where he'd been shooting, a gun....

The room was filthy. As filthy as Dana's own. Pizza boxes everywhere, piled on the floor. Crusts and cockroaches and a television still on. Beer cans and soda cans and cigarette butts. It's a wonder the place hadn't burned to the ground.

Yet. Hadn't burned to the ground yet. Dana tore through things. An old knapsack. Piles of clothes. Piles of bills. Piles of--

There. Bus tickets from Ohio. Old wallet with his ID in it. Old ID, probably. He probably had new ID. CORBIN, Fern, Height five foot eleven, weight one eighty....

Key in the lock. She stood up, and waited, shifting from one foot to the other...

Fern Corbin stopped and looked at her. "The Hell," he asked, stunned.

"Not hardly," she said, smiling a feral smile. "Not hardly at all."

"Shit." He pulled out a pistol. "Girl, I don't know who you are or what you're doing here, but you got eight seconds to leave and you're turnin' out your--"

"Eight men, five women, two boys, one girl," she said. "Do you remember them?"

Corbin blinked. "The He--" But Dana didn't let him get his blasphemy out. Not this time. Instead she jumped at him, spinning in air, letting the fire in her twist her path so his startled pistol shots fired around her instead of hitting. She drove her fist into his solar plexus, feeling it crack and feeling him shriek. She turned on the ball of her foot, pushing him down and driving the pistol to the floor, where it fired again. Attention, but she wouldn't be long.

"Who are you?!" the meat wailed as she danced back out of his grasp.

"Who am I? Who am I? I'm what happens, Fern Corbin. I'm what happens to bad men who think they can get away with murder." She pulled her sword-hilt from the folds of her coat, and ignited the blade. It burned in the apartment, and it reflected in his terrified eyes.

She didn't take long. Dian hated it when she was late, and Mass was tonight too.

Ofanite of Fire in Service to the Sword

Corporeal Forces
Ethereal Forces
Celestial Forces

Vessel: Teenaged girl (Level/4, Charisma +2)

Songs: Numinous Corpus: Claws/2

Skills: Fighting/2; Dodge/2; Large Weapon/2

Artifacts: Fiery Sword/2.

Attunements: Ofanim of Fire; Malakite of Fire; Smite

Discords: Aura/2; Berserk/1

Dana began her existence in Vapula's labs, the results of the beginning of a new experiment. Vapula had torn a Corporeal, Ethereal and Celestial Force off a captive Malakite named Dian and combined them into her, experimenting with what she would become. It was a Gremlin -- and a particularly destructive one. Vapula would normally not brook a Gremlin with such Calabite tendencies in his Labs, but this was an experiment. Not truly understanding its environment, the Gremlin lashed out at the Dark Angel on the table. This pleased Vapula -- apparently, the incorruptible Forces of a Malakite could be corrupted away from that Malakite. Ultimately, he would tear each of Dian's Forces off and graft them onto the Gremlin, until the Gremlin fledged into... something. Vapula wasn't sure what.

With stage one a success, Vapula reimprisoned the Malakite next to a second Malakite -- one of Creation, named Truda. A guard was overseeing them. And the Gremlin kept needling the injured, horrified Malakite, until Truda began needling the Gremlin. The Gremlin had no experience with being insulted back, and did the only think it could think of., attacking. The guard, who had images of the Demon Prince of Technology's latest project being destroyed before his eyes, dove in to intercede--

The Gremlin didn't know how that meant Truda got hold of the guard, injuring him badly and using his artifacts to free herself before she soulkilled him. All the Gremlin knew was it was in a Will Shackle, helpless, while the two Malakim got free.

Dian, seeing the horror that had been done to a part of her own soul, decided she had to bring the Gremlin back with her, and redeem and purify her. And so the Gremlin was dragged out of Hell in a Will Shackle.

Earth was a whirlwind of half-remembered memories from Dian's Ethereal Force. The Gremlin was in shock, and very scared, certain total destruction was right around the corner. This was only magnified when it met Laurence, Archangel of the Sword. It didn't really know why Archangels were bad, and Demon Princes weren't much better, but it knew it. Laurence, on the other hand, was stern and dismissive. He didn't see any point to keeping the demonling around. Dian pleaded for the chance to teach the Gremlin the ways of Heaven, and redeem herself in more ways than one. And Laurence agreed, Binding the Gremlin into the vessel of a little girl he named Dana.

So began decades of training, Dian using the same time to recover from her experiences in Hell. The Gremlin had neither Songs nor Attunements to get into trouble with, so it wasn't in much of a position to escape. And gradually, with time, she found herself liking the Malakite who was her warden. Dian also grew close to her charge, and the pair made a decidedly odd couple. With time, Dian regained the Forces she had lost, and the Gremlin grew in Forces too.

But the Gremlin remained a Demonling, and one night, just on the edge of fledging, Dana managed to slip her usual bonds and escape while Dian was occupied. And she fled, having no idea where she was going or what she would find. She half-wanted to throw herself back into Hell, but had no idea how to get there (and was Bound to her corporeal vessel anyhow). All she knew was she needed to get out and away, and be free, no matter how much Dian loved her.

The first night away, as she ran, she saw what looked like a whirlwind of fire. Terrified, she fled, only to be pursued in any direction by the fiery cyclone. Slowly it resolved into a human shape. A woman of fire, terrible and beautiful in its majesty and mystery.

"Come to me, " she cried out, and Dana went to her. She felt fear and wonder and love all at once, as the Fiery Lady lifted her up and Redeemed her and Fledged her, all at once.

Some weeks later, Dana was found by Dian. She was with her Fiery Lady at the time, and had no intention of leaving. But Gabriel was moving on, and commanded Dana to go with her "sister" once more. To Dana, Gabriel's only command was "temper her."

Dana did as she was ordered. Laurence was nonplussed at the Ofanite of Fire, especially given her Discord, which seemed odd for a redeemed angel with Attunements. Dana offered no explaination, but simply pledged her service as her Lady had commanded. Laurence accepted this with a weather eye, and charged Dian to keep an eye on her "sister." More than anything, Dian was to prevent Dana from Falling, even if this meant handing her over to Judgement or destroying her outright.

Dana now lives and works with Dian in Boston. She has little interest in developing a Role (and not much paperwork for it, either). She is known as a dangerous loose cannon, still far more interested in the pursuit and punishment of cruelty than anything she's told to do. Dana herself wouldn't be much of an Angel if it weren't for her total, passionate love of Gabriel. She believes in Gabriel with all her heart, and will fight her battles as though Dana's wrath was merely an extension of Gabriel's.

In daily life, Dana is passionately enthusiastic, always on the run from one place to the next, checking in with a series of contacts and generally keeping alert. She has been noticed in the crowd (especially by police forces, who assume she's truant or a dropout, and almost certainly on drugs of some sort), in part because her Aura discord makes her noticable. She is very focused on fighting, taking the aspect of a whirlwind brushfire in her methods. She tends to be noisy, both celestially and corporeally, and many of the Bostonian Host assume it's just a matter of time before either Hell or the Boston Metropolitan Police Department catches up with her. Certainly, the young Angel's not nearly strong enough to stand before a massed, coordinated attack, and Hell has begun to notice her. If Vapula's demons realized Dana's origins, they (and their Master) would be very interested in reclaiming her as well.

Dana gets along well with Dian, who she does love in an odd way. Dana still has echoes and memories of Dian's life before Vapula's experiment, and she feels this forges a bond between the "sisters." She knows Dian wishes she'd fledged Malakite, but Dana can't imagine being anything but what she is. Dana actively dislikes Brusch. Otherwise, she tends to ignore the permanent celestials in Boston. She has been known to spend hours in the Fire Tether at the top of the Prudential Building, however. She likes to just sit and watch the city spread out around her. This is perhaps the only time the young warrioress is "calm."

Dana is a balanced starting character, though she would be challenging to play.

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