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Some Days in the Life

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The room was hot -- there was no air conditioning in the old townhouse owned by the College of Humanities and Arts. You had to go down to the new Engineering building for that. Naturally. Mandy wiped the sweat off her brow. "I don't see why existentialism precludes solipsism," she said to the teacher. "If we are the sum of our experience, that is true whether our experiences come from delusion or from reality--"

"Oh please," snorted Erlich from across the table. Mandy repressed the annoyance the sophomore always made her feel. "Stop and think for a moment. If you're manuvering through reality, you have thousands of little tiny interactions happening constantly. Interactions you have no control over. They shape and mold you and you make your choices based on those. On the other hand, if you're the only living being in the universe and you're just imagining the world around you, your subconsciousness must be feeding the cues it wants you to work with as you make decisions. The deck is loaded from the start, and the decisions you end up making are the ones your mind wanted you to make in the first place. Free will becomes an illusion, where the world of reality makes free will of all-consuming importance. Choice depends on there actually being something to choose between."

"Not free will again," Bob complained, and there was a groan throughout the room. Mandy herself was flushed -- both because Erlich had made her look like an idiot, and because Erlich was clearly right. She wasn't sure which annoyed her more.

Elohite of Destiny

Corporeal Forces
Ethereal Forces
Celestial Forces

Vessel: Male, early 20's/3, Charisma -2

Role: Erlich Shapiro (College Philosophy Student, Status 1) Level 2

Songs: Entropy (Ethereal/3); Tongues (Corporeal/1, Ethereal/2, Celestial/2); Thunder/3.

Skills: Computer Operation/3; Detect Lies/1; Fast Talk/2; Knowledge (Philosophy)/3.

Attunements: Elohite of Destiny; Divine Logic

Alirick is a relatively new angel. He was a Reliever in Yves's service for some time, developing skills in the Library, generally working alone instead of with others. After fledging Elohite, he continued Celestial Service until Yves pulled him aside. The delicate work of Role creation involves fieldwork, Alirick was told, as well as patient service. Further, while the promotion of individual Destiny remained a focus of many of the Angels of Destiny, some field workers had to be ready to promote the Destiny of humanity as well. Therefore, Yves was going to send Alirick to Earth, as a college freshman, where he would "study" philosophy. As he continued on his educational path, he would be able to build a scholastic reputation that ultimately would give him strong influence on both Philosophical discourse and on a new generation of Philosophers.

To aid in this, Yves granted Alirick his Divine Logic attunement, and sent him to Earth, where he became "Erlich Shapiro," a philosophy student at Boston University.

Erlich has been on Earth for under a year. He has retained his essential objectivity through a combination of factors -- though the unappealing nature of his vessel helps in this regard. By having to overcome the initial distaste a listener might feel for Erlich, Erlich can force himself to retain sight of the overall objective good, without developing complicated relationships that might prove problematic. Erlich also retains a healthy emotional distance from his subjects by adopting a veneer of, for lack of a better term, surly cynicism. The most annoying thing about Erlich, his classmates grudgingly admit, is that while they're frustrated by his attitude, they also end up agreeing with him.

Alirick is not an Angel on the front lines of the War, save perhaps the War for people's Destiny. His abilities are centered around his academic mission and his need to dispassionately influence those around him, not around combat of any kind. When forced into a confrontation, he is likely to use his Song of Thunder to cover an escape, or his Ethereal Song of Entropy to launch a mental attack. When discovering evidence of Demons, however, Alirick is far more likely to make his way either to the Lightning Tether at the M.I.T. Media Lab or the Destiny Tether at the Boston Public Library. He would prefer the latter, generally (since he could also make one of his standard reports at the same time), but the former is considerably closer.

Alirick is a balanced starting character, albeit one focused in a particular field. He makes a good, if annoyingly cynical and often deprecating NPC resource for characters.

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