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Eve: The Archangel of Woman

Eve: Her Creation and History

Hawwah: The Nurturers
The Children of Eve

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The Fallen Children of Eve

From The Revelations of Yves, Book XXIII, "The Book of Eden"
as rendered by Umbrusius, Servitor of the Angel of Historical Interpretation

    Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.
    But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.
    For Adam was first formed, then Eve.
    And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.
    Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue
    in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.

--KJV, 1 Timothy 2:11-15

It is said that the humans of Eden were in all ways perfect, created instead of born of man or evolution, and of the fullest number of Forces that humanity can possess in life, so that the perfect humans of Eden would be like Angels in their strength and ability. Crafted -- some say inspired by the hand of God himself -- by Eli, working from the Primal Clay that God granted him. Born of Fifteen Forces, Five each of Corporeal, Ethereal and Celestial -- for the humans of Eden were to be perfect, the better to test the perfection of Humanity.

And so Adam was created and made perfect in Forces, sculpted and shaped and given life. And as humanity had been divided by the forces of evolution into two parts -- the better to grow and develop and spread their diversity between each other -- so was Lilith created as well, also perfect in Forces, sculpted and shaped and given life. And Adam and Lilith were taken as man and wife. But Adam was not content, and neither was Lilith. Made so much alike as one another, Adam and Lilith could not help but contest with one another. And so -- perhaps with prompting and perhaps not, Lilith walked away from Eden, and Adam was not sad to see her go.

And yet, it could still be said that for Eden to progress, there would need to be two -- a man and woman, a husband and wife -- or else the truth of humanity would never be seen. And so the Lord spoke unto Eli through the Voice of the Metatron, and Lucifer too spoke to Eli, for in these days, the Lightbringer was the brightest jewel of the sky, the shining Seraphim, who sat at the Head of the Seraphim Council with Michael and Baal his right and left hands. And they asked him to sculpt a new woman for Adam's wife.

"I cannot make another," said Eli. "For if I made another perfect woman, whole in Forces and sculpted from the Primal Clay, then she would again be Adam's equal, another Lilith, and Adam will not look upon her with pleasure, and she too will leave."

"Then you say that humanity cannot coexist," the Lightbringer asked. "That when perfected, they become intolerable to one another? How then can humanity be said to enjoy God's grace more than the Angels? How then can humanity aspire to the heights of the Heavenly Glory? This experiment was a failure."

"Not so," Eli said. "For perfection is what humanity aspires to, not achieves. In failing to reach their goal, humanity can exceed perfection itself. In creating perfect humans, we strip from them humanity. Of this I know -- am I not the first among Mercurians, the Friends of Man? We understand them, Most Holy, which you do not from your place among the heavens."

And Lucifer was disturbed at Eli's words, for he did sense the shining truth of them, but could not believe that the Bringer of Light, the Illuminator of God's Most Holy Works could fail to understand all there is to understand about humanity, where even a mighty Mercurian remained the furthest from God's Grace, yet knew them well. And he fell silent, even as the Metatron, who was the Voice of God, spoke.

"Then how shall we test humanity, if not in perfection and sculpted from perfection?"

"Once again I shall take up the clay," Eli said. "And sculpt as best as my hands, inspired by the Lord, can do. However, I will not sculpt all of this new Woman. Instead, I shall first take from Adam one Ethereal Force, impregnated with his thoughts, his personality -- and with this shall I sculpt the seed of what he thinks a woman shall be. And so Adam will be made less than perfect, for he shall have Fourteen Forces, Five of Body and Five of Soul, but only Four of Ethereal. And his new wife shall be made of Fifteen Forces, but while Fourteen of them shall be perfect as Heaven, the Fifteenth -- the seed of it all -- shall be Adam's, which itself has changed from the day it was crafted from the clay, and therefore it shall also change the whole. And so the two shall be truly human, for they shall not be perfect, but will be perfectly suited to one another as husband and wife."

And the Metatron said that Eli's work shall progress as Eli himself had said it. And Lucifer heard the words of the Metatron, and agreed, though he remained troubled at the affair -- his troubles having been born with humanity before Eden's creation, and no less troubled now. And he sent of himself to Lilith, and he and Adam's first wife spoke of things together.

And Eli went to Adam and spoke unto him, saying "I have come, as sent by the Lord, to make a wife of you and for you."

"Of me?" Adam asked. "How is this possible?"

And Eli spoke in metaphor, of how a clipping from a tree may graft onto another root, and form a new tree, seperate from the old. And spoke of how a portion of Adam could be taken, and his new wife created from that. And the metaphor he chose for Adam was Adam's rib, which he said could be made the foundation of a new woman. And Adam was frightened, but took comfort in Eli, the Friend of Man, and agreed. And Eli brought Adam down into a deep slumber, and took of Adam one Ethereal Force, and began to sculpt around it. And so Adam became less than perfect, but therefore more perfectly man.

And the woman was sculpted and born of the clay, her soul breathed into her by Eli, for the Lord breathed through him to give her human life, and he Sang the Corporeal Song of Life that no Angel now knows, and Adam's Second Wife was born into the world. And she was greater than her husband, for she was Fifteen Forces Whole and he was Fourteen, but her Fifteenth Force was Adam's, and it spoke to her of who she should be, and what sort of wife was right for Adam. And so she too was less than perfect, and therefore more perfectly human. And Eli called down Yves to see the new Wife, and Yves (who was the Namer of things still) named her Eve. And when Adam awoke and he and Eve spoke, both were full happy with one another and took one another to husband and wife, and Adam put thoughts of Lilith from his head.

And so Eli rose from Eden, to leave Adam and Eve to conduct their lives without divine intervention, as the Lord had commanded through His Voice the Metatron. But even as Lucifer and his followers were troubled, so did they question the wisdom of the Metatron. And some whispered that the Metatron had not spoken the Lord's will when he commanded that no Angel interfere with Eden, but instead had spoken for himself. And so the Angel Ophis, Servitor of the Seraph Baal who was the Left Hand of Lucifer and the Seraphim Council, slipped into Eden in the Vessel of a Serpent, and tainted the pair with temptations beyond what had been mandated by the Lord through His Voice the Metatron.

And the Lord spoke through His Voice the Metatron, saying that the Angel Ophis had tainted the experiment, ruining its purity. And despite the complaints of many, including Bright Lucifer, head of the Seraphim Council, the Lord spoke again through His Voice the Metatron, declaring that humanity was to be left alone in all ways, left to grow and develop on their own. And Lucifer, deeply disturbed, took the Metatron aside, and through him consulted with God for a very long time indeed.

Thou madest Adam, and gavest him Eve his wife for an helper and stay: of them came mankind: thou hast said, It is not good that man should be alone; let us make unto him an aid like unto himself.

--KJV (Apocrypha) Tobit 8:6

And while the Bringer of Light spoke to the Lord through His Voice the Metatron, Adam and Eve left the Garden, brought forth by Eli. And Eli, who was the Friend of Man, showed them how to create shelters, that the two could live seperately from their human brethern until they were prepared for life outside the Garden. And Eli clasped Adam's hand as friend, and embraced Eve as he might his sister, and spoke well to them both.

But Eve he took aside, and spoke unto her, saying "We shall see one another again, when the fullness of time has worked its nature."

And Adam and Eve bade goodbye to Eli, and settled down to life. And Eve bore Adam sons, including Cain and Abel, whose story I will not relate here save to mention that some say Cain (who was born with Fourteen Forces, as his father had), took his father's first wife Lilith to wife for a time, and others say Lilith convinced Cain to kill his brother out of hatred for Eve, but these are not known to be truth.

And some hundreds of years passed, and Lucifer was not pleased with the long conversation he had with the Lord through His Voice the Metatron, and rose up, sundering Lover from Lover and Friend from Friend, leading one third the bright Host into open Rebellion, and slaying the Metatron who was the Voice of the Lord, leaving the Host without the Lord's Voice for the first time since Creation. And the Rebellion raged and Angels perished in fighting Angels, until Michael, who had been Lucifer's Right Hand in the Seraphim Council, rose up in his fullest glory and said unto Lucifer "You have been the Brightest and Mightiest of Us, but I was the First Born Angel, not you, and my strength comes from the Lord, not my own vainglory." And Michael took Lucifer into battle, and their struggles were so powerful that Adam and Eve could see them from Earth, and prayed to the Lord for protection.

Adam was at this time very old, and unable to see as well as once he might, but still he held his wife Eve close, and swore to protect her. And he held her close, until the battle ceased and Lucifer had been hurled from Heaven, his remaining followers tumbling after, and the Fall had occurred.

In the wake of the Fall, after hundreds of years of life, Adam passed into death, and some say he awoke in Heaven as a Saint, and some say he woke in Hell as a Damned Soul, and some say he simply disappeared, perhaps to one day be reborn. But Eve and her children buried Adam and prayed, and then Eve walked from her home. For Eve was full of grief, for while Adam had grown old and died, Eve still had the semblance of youth -- for Adam was Fourteen Forces, and Eve was Fifteen Forces, and that last Force had kept her vital, and would for far longer.

And it was in weeping that Eli, the Mercurian of Creation who was Friend to Man, came upon Eve. And with Eli came Yves, the Namer of All Things, who was called Archangel but seemed something other.

"Why has my husband died?" Eve asked.

"He was mortal, as you are," Yves replied. "And all things must end."

"Will I too end?" She asked, not caring if the answer was yes, for she loved her husband dearly and missed him greatly.

"One day," Yves said. "As I will and all will, for God's creations will not outlive God. But there is more for you to do until then."

And Yves and Eli told Eve many things -- of how it was said that Adam's first wife would rise among the the Fallen and take her place among them, leading them from Hell and making a scurge on Earth. That Adam had lost his perfection in the making of Eve, and while Eve was not perfect and was therefore more human than Lilith, she *was* of Fifteen Forces, and therefore had the potential that Lilith herself had. That even as Lilith would one day embody the freedom she claimed when she walked away from Eden, so Eve could embody the constancy and support, the nurturing and growth that was Womanhood.

And Eve agreed, and Yves -- who had not yet given his authority over Words to the Seraphim Council -- whispered in Eve's ear, and no one can say what he whispered, but Eve was now both human and Superior, Bound forevermore to the Word of Women. And Eve carried her Word well, and worked to promote Women angelically, and so came to be known among Celestials as the Archangel of Women, despite Eve's humanity. And even as Eve became Archangel of Women, so Lilith became the Princess of Freedom, and it is said that Lilith hates Eve before all others, for she represents the possibility that Lilith was wrong, and took the husband that Lilith forswore.

And Eve and Lilith both bore daughters who were truly celestials, and those daughters hated one another as passionately as their mothers. But where Lilith bore many daughters, selling them for favors to Demons and Princes alike, Eve bore less daughters, nurturing and cherishing each and then setting each to nuture and cherish others.

As a drop of water unto the sea, and a gravelstone in comparison of the sand; so are a thousand years to the days of eternity.
Therefore is God patient with them, and poureth forth his mercy upon them.
He saw and perceived their end to be evil; therefore he multiplied his compassion.
The mercy of man is toward his neighbour; but the mercy of the Lord is upon all flesh: he reproveth, and nurtureth, and teacheth and bringeth again, as a shepherd his flock.
He hath mercy on them that receive discipline, and that diligently seek after his judgments.

--KJV, Sirach (Apocrypha) 18:10-14

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