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Annotations: Notes from Life by Eric A. Burns

Here's your quick reference guide to what can be found here on Annotations: Notes from Life.

Creative Work

Vita: Eric's works in print, articles published, and proof he really is a writer. Also includes links to buy things if you're so inclined.

Some Days in the Life: While Eric's online journal is no longer being updated, it remains a popular journal. Here, you can see why, as well as see the evolution of the Annotations web site from the ugly old days to today's beautiful site.

Demiurgent's Journal: Eric's Livejournal. Please note this is hosted externally, so we can't promise it will be up at the same time Annotations is up. Check here for regular updates on what's going on in Eric's life.

Unfettered by Talent: Archives of the (sadly few) cartoons from Eric's brief Keenspace cartoon. Hosted on Keenspace, so it could die at any time.

Continuance: Eric's online poetry chapbook. (Coming Soon)

Role Playing Game Resources

Annotations: In Nomine: Articles, resources and crunchy bits for Steve Jackson Games's In Nomine role playing game.

Hasten Down the Wind: Online resources for the Nobilis role playing game by Hogshed Publishing. (Coming Soon)

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