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August 29, 2000

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It's been a pretty good summer, as summers go. Despite the fact that we spent the entire of it complaining that we weren't getting a real summer. I'm not entirely sure why, though. I mean, I'll admit that we didn't have a six week stretch of hundred degree heat and humidity, but I consider that a bonus in the summertime. There were a few humid days, some deliciously cool days, and a heck of a lot of generally decent days.

Last night, for instance, I walked out to my car sometime after ten, to get something I'd left in it. The air was warm and the sky was clear, and it felt like my Grandmother's used to feel at night in the summer, when it was perfectly comfortable and there was a hint of moisture in the air. I liked the feeling. I liked it a lot then. I still like it now.

I saw the school's business manager, who lives two doors down from where I live now. We chatted for a few minutes -- he was walking his dogs. Just like a couple of neighbors, I thought to myself, and then realized it wasn't like anything. He is my neighbor. I actually know who my neighbors are, now. That hasn't been true in 90% of the houses or apartments I've ever lived in. Maybe it's cheating that lets me know my neighbors (we all work at the Academy, after all), but if it is, I'll take it. It's nice knowing that if I knock on the door of anyone in the building -- anyone at all -- they'll know me and be positively disposed towards me.

Exercise is going well, in part because the humidity's so low at this point. I think there's a spiritual lift from my health report as well. After all, if I'm not actually going to die if I push too hard (and I'm not), then if I get out of breath, it means I'm really going for it instead of taking a risk. And that is a very fine thing indeed. I also find a difference now that I don't take diuretics -- I'm no longer chained to bathrooms all the time, and I don't have that weird 'anxious' feeling first thing in the day, either. Ah, side effects, we hardly knew ye.

I guess what's happening is I'm getting to the business of living. I'm losing weight, I'm getting in better shape (at least somewhat), I'm building up strength and self confidence. I'm becoming better, stronger and faster....

And I'm not hungry at this point. Ever, really. Which is a hallmark of lowering caloric intake -- eventually your body gets happy at a lower number of calories. Granted, it makes the exercise all the more important at this stage....

(I try not to remember just how much weight I need to lose. It's not a pleasant thought, all told.)

Around me, the school slowly develops terminal chaos, as it always does when we get within spitting distance of the first day of classes. That chaos will dog us through until October, probably, when things will settle down gently into a daily routine of students, ties and operating infrastructure. Having done this a few times before, it's all very familiar at this stage of the game.

And I'm getting back to it. Peace.

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