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The Move And Freedom
June 28, 2000

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The move went as well as you could ask a move to, though the weather wasn't with us. I moved a few things over on Friday and Saturday, but Saturday there was a demo for GURPS In Nomine that the Line Editor and the book's writer were conducting down in Dover, so Mason and I were in on that to be supportive and have fun and network and all that jazz, and it went swimmingly and we had a ball.

Sunday was the Stuff Move. And naturally it was the most humid day of the year. It was Mason, Van and I, boxing things up and hauling those boxes from the Studio to the New Apartment. (Henceforth, we shall refer to the Studio Apartment as 'Roxbury,' and the New Apartment as 'Compton,' just to keep everything clear.)

Roxbury's size came back to haunt us, as wrestling things like the treadmill out of it was nigh impossible. But it was air conditioned and therefore comfortable, and a pleasure to be in. Not like the outdoors, which was close to a hundred degrees and 95% humidity. It was miserable being out there at all, much less hauling boxes to cars and down the street. But we did it, and it went well and fast.

After a few trips, we elected to wait for six to do the next load, as we wanted the temperature to go down at least. Van wanted to keep going. Mason and I were clinically dead. So he acceded to our demands.

Van is smarter than we are. We took the load and began to do things like the bureau and tables and moderate furniture. Which is when the thunderstorm hit.

It hit while I was walking across the street carrying the metal bookshelf. Oh great, I thought. I'm about to die a horrible death in the name of having shelf space. It soaked my bureau, bubbling some of the paint (and swelling the drawers shut in the process). That damn treadmill got drenched. Stuff like that. And of course we had to stop actually moving boxes. Driving rain is a bad thing to move in, you see. So we retreated to Roxbury to watch television and play on computers.

Which is when the power went out.

You can see the mood we were in.

Somehow, we finished up the Stuff Move, leaving large furniture and Grum behind. Grum, in this case, is all the stuff that you actually want but that didn't go into boxes before. Wires, curtains and the like.

Monday was Furniture day. My father came with his truck, Van came over for a bit and we moved things like the bureau, the TV stand, the world's heaviest sleeper couch, and the Desk.

The Desk.

The Desk had to be literally disassembled and brought over in chunks, and then those chunks had to be reassembled. And I hit the point of total exhaustion, thinking I was about to die, short of breath, the whole nine yards. Thankfully for my Machismo, that happened late in the process.

Kris and Mom came too, and looked over the apartment. They pronounced it "good," and were quite impressed with some of the stuff the last tenant left behind. (Like, a perfectly good dart board in cabinent, and a box of Anchor Hoching Glassware and the like.) We did laundry, got stuff in and went out to lunch.

That evening, I was exhausted and rubbery, with most everything in Compton and out of Roxbury. So I hopped in the car with Van and we went to WalMart, where I picked up fuses (it's been a long time since fuses were in my life) and shower curtains (I have a claw foot tub, so I need multiple curtains). I got blue vinyl monstrosities, hung them, and promptly entered nirvana. There is nothing better than a nice long, hot shower when you're in tremendous pain from two days of sweaty moving. And then I went over and cleaned out the remaining stuff from Roxbury, and said my goodbyes.

It was a tiny apartment. Much smaller than I remembered. It seemed to grow with the stuff I put in it, if you can believe that. Now, I have a place that's easily four times as large, with each room nearly the size of the old apartment by themselves.

Two days later, my toe and heel are killing me, but otherwise I'm well. It's sixty-eight degrees and dry outside, God Damn it, so this would be perfect weather to move in. But the move is done, and I am now filling Compton up well.

And playing. I have an Airport Base Station and card now, the card in my powerbook. Configuring was easy once I convinced my machine to install the software (it didn't like doing it one bit). Now, I'm typing away in one corner of the apartment, far from Ethernet ports, the Base Station happily encrypting and decrypting my signal and dumping it into the network.

It's fun to be a geek in a new, big apartment, with your wireless Powerbook happily chugging away and keeping yourself connected to the world, the radio playing NPR in the background. I almost don't miss the DiSH. Friday. Must make it to Friday. And next week, there's a four day weekend. Life is good.

My foot hurts.

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