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May 4, 2000

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I'm very tired this morning. I've been somewhat tired all week, even though I've been getting to bed relatively early and sleeping the whole night through without problem. I think I'm sick.

Eileen and Mason both have similar symptoms. I think they're sick too.

Springtime illness. Doesn't it make you just want to sing? No? Huh. Go fig.

Now it is evening -- specifically, it's Dorm Duty time, around nine at night, and this is the chance I've had to actually continue writing in the ol' journal.

It was a busy day -- I had a stress test scheduled to take the place of the stress test that was scheduled last week but the Doctor ended up missing. Well, the Doctor was available and ready today, but this time it was a problem on the other end. Namely, the stress test lab had me going in on the eleventh.

In other words, this is getting ridiculous. What is it going to take to get them to stress me out?

Or... is this the test, and will success or failure balance on whether I snap and gun down an Emergency Ward full of innocent bystanders. And if I do gun them down... what will that tell me about my heart condition? Or is the test to learn if I have one.


After the test that didn't happen, I got stuck with my standing orders needle of goodness, and they sucked some blood out of me. I don't know what they do with all that blood. I figure they must be pouring it into a big jello mold of my own body, to make an exact duplicate. Then, they'll send it out to perform crimes with my own DNA. Well, red blood cells contain no DNA but there's lots of stuff in blood that would. Like white blood cells. Yeah....

I'm feeling exceptionally goofy tonight. It's okay -- I have a right to, you know.

I went to the gymnasium that I'm going to go to when the test finally happens, and looked around and talked to the trainer, who's from Boston College so I felt a kind of rivalry back from my B.U. days, despite having graduated from a different school. But she was nice. It's called the Still Waters Gymnasium and Wellness Center, and half of it's a gym with good equipment and upbeat music and personal trainers and the like, and the other half is a therapy center with massage and other sorts of therapy. It's totally half-jock and half-New Age. And this is cool.

Mason and I took a run down to Dover, where we didn't have Chai but did have fun en route.

That's about it for tonight. Look, they can't all be Citizen Kane.

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