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April 29, 2000

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April 22, 2000
Do you want to know something truly astounding?

If you listen to the commercials for this week's South Park, then actually watch this week's South Park, you discover that the scenes (and even the voice of the quintuplets) are different. Completely different.

South Park, you see, is about the Elian Gonzales thing, except not by name. The Quints are Romanian. There are hijinks. There is an Easter Sunday raid on the kid. Kenny dies (of course). Plus there's Opera and musical talent and a pretentious French Circus.

The Elian Gonzales thing happened last Sunday, after the episode of South Park had been finished.

Which means they threw out an entire episode of the show, wrote a new one, animated it, voice acted it, scored it and foleyed it and had it ready for broadcast... between midday on Sunday to ten minutes before broadcast on Wednesday.

I know the animation is crappy on South Park, but Jesus Christ -- that's three days to produce an entire show. And have it be funny to boot.

Well, it impressed me.

It was a beautiful day today. It felt good and it looked good and it smelled good. The moisture of spring rain in the air, but beautiful sunshine and warmth... it was exquisite. I went out walking, then later went for a long drive. Both were wonderful -- just a chance to get out and see the world.

Which is nice, because I've been awfully tired lately. Falling asleep early, sleeping to the last second, and wishing I was right back to sleep. I slept in today, and yet I'm ready to fall right back to sleep now. That's not much fun.

I'm also trying to be creative today, with my poetry and other things, but it's not working well. Not at all. I hate that. I can see the image in my head, but I can't force the words to match it at all. I'm not even happy with this entry today.

I know why they call it writer's block. It's because it feels like there's a tumor in your brain, keeping the flow of pure words from spilling out happenstance. Like you have pressure building but no way to relieve it. It's an ugly feeling, tasting like failure. Tasting like stupidity.

And yet, it was a beautiful day today. It's still beautiful now -- deliciously cool even in the night, but not really cold at all.

It's an odd juxtaposition to find yourself in. Well, perhaps tea will help. Tea helps almost everything.

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