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Giant Superfluous Boulder
April 27, 2000

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", you should prepare yourself mentally to see the giant superfluous boulder!"

"The what?

"The giant superfluous boulder! It'll be coming up in a few minutes. We'll drive right by it."

"Ah. This is a major landmark in New Hampshire, is it?"

"It's major to me, man. Because -- hey. Giant superfluous boulder!"

"So you said. Hey, is that it?"

"That? No man, that's not it. That wouldn't be it, would it? I mean, it's not giant enough. Not to be a giant superfluous boulder! Come on, Dominic."

"Okay okay ok-- wait. It's even bigger than that was?"

"It's even bigger, yes."

"Wow. What about that one?"

"Well, that one might be considered giant, perhaps, if you've never seen the giant superfluous boulder, so I can see how you'd call it giant just because and all. But it's not really superfluous, is it? I mean, it's clearly meant to be part of a wall, so it's there for a purpose. And that makes it just a run of the mill boulder, albeit a large one."

"So, the giant superfluous boulder is bigger than that one was?"

"Oh yes."

"Huh. Bigger than that one, too?"

"Yes it is. Though that--"

"Oh, I know. That one's clearly part of that house's landscaping. I didn't think it was the giant superfluous boulder! I'm just trying to use certain intentional and non-superfluous boulders to figure out the giant superfluous boulder when I see it."

"That makes sense."

"Oh -- that one!"

"Well, that one is giant, yes. And I'll give you superfluous--"

"Oh what -- that one's not a boulder or something?"

"No no. It's just not the giant superfluous boulder!"

"You're kidding."

"Nope -- hey. On the left! There it is! The giant superfluous boulder!"

"Wha-- oh."



"You get it?"

"Oh, I get it. You were totally right, man. Giant superfluous boulder!"

"Yeah. I'm glad you didn't miss it."

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