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April 25, 2000

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April 18, 2000
The sunshine has returned, and with it comes bright spirits. People are in a generally good mood today. That includes me, even though I'm hip deep in the thousand details that accompanies the "final" budget, which is getting sent over to the Business Office today. It's a few hundred thousand, though not as bad as last year. Moving to iBooks for students is helping a lot, though we have other expenses rising to fill the gap. Your needs will always exceed your budget, your memory, your hard disk space and your processor speed by ten percent, regardless of what you're doing. I'm convinced of this and nothing happening in this year's budget is changing my mind.

With warmer, sunny weather the trees are thinking hard about bursting into leaves and spring is in the air. I can see this down at Café on the Corner in Dover, where the college age girls and the cute twenty-something Baristas all wear their summerweight clothes. And people think I go there for the coffee. Though I do plan to bring Dominic there when he's up, as it's about time I can give Dom a decent latte even though he's here instead of in Seattle. But then, I try to show Dominic something different every time he visits, and this time his girlfriend's back in Seattle, so we can do "guy things."

Well, as much as possible. I can't drink alcohol right now, remember. That's not much of a problem when I'm hanging out with Mason or Van, but Dominic's one of those folks I like to go out drinking with.

Dominic is scheduled to come up Thursday, which is just in time for more rain. But then, Dominic enjoys rain, so that's fine. He's going to be in Massachusetts for a few weeks before winging his way back to the Pacific Northwest, so we're talking seriously about taking in a Red Sox game. That'd be very cool. Dominic is fun to watch baseball with. I'm jealous because he got to see the Mariners in the season opener, this year.

I miss the Mariners. I miss listening to Mariners radio and I miss taking in a few games at the Kingdome, which itself doesn't exist anymore. It was blown up in a well televised event. I downloaded some of the feeds, including one feed in Pioneer Square, right near where Dominic used to work. The cloud of dust from the destroyed concrete pillbox (the Kingdome most looked like an orange juice squeezer for the Gods, but it was solid concrete) swept through the square and sent people fleeing in terror -- a wonderfully surreal image given their cheers when it first went up.

They also had cameras inside the Kingdome, broadcasting as the dynamite went off, the roof began to collapse and the bleachers began collapsing. The cameras then cut off, no doubt because several tons of pulverized concrete landed on them.

It was strange to watch the Kingdome's destruction, especially from the inside. I've been in there. I've circled the Dome. I've watched Ken Griffey, Jr. homer in there. I've played the Hydrofoils game on the Jumbotron in there. I've eaten Kingdogs and drunk expensive beer and had a bag of peanuts hit me in the face in there. Tamara (Annie's sister and a friend) once saw a game with me -- she had tickets and brought her son and guest (I was said guest) and we were right behind Home Plate. And I spent a good number of games in the cheap seats, with Dominic or with Kinko's folks.

The Kingdome was blown up to make way for a new Football Stadium. Baseball had already left, going across the street to Safeco Field. In a way, it's like Spring. The old gives way to the new. The forces of nature or man wipe out what has been, to make way for what will be. This is as true for flowers ripping through the underbrush that once was their ancestors as it does for Seattle Sports Facilities.

And I? I will enjoy the springtime as it comes.

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