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Raining in Wolfeboro
April 21, 2000

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April 5, 2000
It's raining today. A British sort of rain, not misting like it might in Seattle but real rain mixed with fogs. Drops you feel hit you, but not a steady drum of water. More like afterthoughts. Like there are foley and f/x men just above the clouds, slopping bits of water over the side to give the scene verisimilitude.

The lake is beautiful, shrouded slightly in the mists, the waters placid. The few boats are trolling by and gently disturbing the water, beacons of light on their prows identifying them. Looking at the lake, I realize it could as easily be a cove for the Atlantic, and sailboats plying Penobscot Bay would look perfectly at home anchoring there. I half-listen for the cool tones that are modern foghorns, or the sound of bells off the shore.

There is a feeling of expectation and formality in the air. In part that's the day -- it's Parents' Weekend, which means we're all in our best clothing. And yet, it makes the day quiet. There is no school today. Just parent/teacher conferences. We're on hand in Tech to keep the ship running, and to talk to any parents who might have a problem. But we don't expect them to. Not really.

I have a meeting or two, naturally enough. It's my job to have a meeting or two, to smile for the parents, to make certain everyone has the opportunity to make things work. I drink warm drinks and think warm thoughts, and move along slowly.

The day started early. I had to go to see the Doctor and have my tires rotated and my oil changed. I'm doing well enough, it seems. We scheduled a stress test for next week to determine my exercise tolerance. Said test has "a modified Bruce" involved in it. I don't know what that is. Alan, who is Australian, postulates it involves an IV drip of Foster's.

Once we have my total exercise tolerance determined, I'm getting a Personal Trainer, and stage two begins. The "getting into shape" stage. It's vital to actually losing some of this flesh that I get active. It's equally vital I do so in the safest possible fashion -- my heart won't let me go out and just bull my way through things. So, monitored exercise in conjunction with Doctor Fleet and his advice is the way to go at this stage of the game. And maybe -- just maybe -- it'll help me with "tone." Tone seems mythical to me, but what the heck. We can all use some myth in our lives.

But most of the formality of the day is coming from the rain. It's a spring rain, fresh and warm. Even with the cloud cover and precipitation, the feeling of renewal, of good days ahead is palpable. The water soaks into the Earth and pushes the grass to grow. April showers mean May flowers, or so the old saw goes. I can't wait.

I have to be in to work tomorrow, and then off to Maine on Sunday, for Easter. Both will be nice. It's supposed to rain both days as well. Rain is with us for the long haul, it seems.

Until the next time...

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