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April 20, 2000

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You'll notice a new link in the ol' sidebar. That's for the Daily Weblog, which thanks to the power of Blogger is an easily updated daily sort of thing. The way it works is like this: say I'm somewhere away from my normal powerbook, but I have something I want to post out. Maybe an observation, or a weird note, or just a boring list of what's going on with my life at the time I post it.

I hit Blogger's Website from any terminal, log in under a username and password, and type whatever I want to say. Automatically, my comments and the time and day I made them get added to that weblog file. It's like magic, only without the chicken's entrails.

So far, that weblog seems to be turning into more of a traditional "writer's journal." Little notes and stupid comments thrown out to the world for the heck of it. So don't read it expecting any great mystical revelations. There won't be any. But if you're bored and want to see if I've thought to update it lately, feel free to go ahead.

This constitutes the closest thing to a "site upgrade" that I'm currently planning. I like the site as it is. It has design sense, a good professional gridlike approach, and no aftertaste to speak of. If folks have comments on stuff they'd like to see, I'm always happy to oblige, of course.

One recurring comment I get is people would like to see more posts. Well, I'm trying. If you have a looksee at the menu bar you'll see this is the fourth post on the fourth day in a row. This is a massive improvement over the month of March, where I had four posts for the entire month. We'll see how long I can keep it up.

I've been many miles today, having to take a run down to Dover to meet with Apple and discuss our Powerbook buy. It's been a successful trip, all told. We're saving tons of money compared to last year, and the buy should make everyone happy as far as the machines we get.

We met at the Cafe on the Corner in Dover, which is right down the street from one of my medical stops which is how I know about it. Tara, the Apple rep, had to be in Dover for an Apple thing today, so it made for a convenient meeting place. I got there first, and drank a latte (skim milk, sugar free vanilla) while I waited. I continued the poetry project while I waited too, doing a more formal poem than before. The last time I was in, I wrote a poem about my barista, which I'll stick in the sidebar because I feel like it.

If I were to do a site redesign, I'd increase the volume of the sidebar, as there's not enough room for a decent poem's length. (This one's a sonnet, which I'm not great at and therefore am practicing, and it's blank verse Iambic Pentameter to boot -- and too often five beat rhythm means more words than can easily fit in the space I have in any Font, even at relative size 1. As it is, I expect it looks funky to some of you, in which case please forgive me.

The meeting itself went really well. I consider Tara, the Apple Rep, a friend as well as a contact, and we both did business and had a chance to chat over coffee (and chai -- sweet rich chai). I also discovered that "our" brand of Chai, drunk at our office, can be bought there, so I picked up a packet of it that should last us some weeks, whereupon we can always run down and get more.

I had to kind of rush back (since my appointment ended up being canceled out from under me, I had a little more flexibility than I thought -- which is why you're getting this now instead of this evening) to help prepare for Parent's Weekend. I have to be in both days of Parent's Weekend (yes, I have to be up at an ugly hour tomorrow to be "lively" for parents who might want to talk to the Tech Guy), so expect me to get a chance to update Saturday as well.

Spring is coming along quite nicely, with the buds flush and some trees on the roads between Dover and here actually (hold on to your seats) flush with leaves now. There's been a good amount of rain and some cool weather -- April showers indeed -- which if we get some sunshine and warmth means the whole world will burst out into life. The lake is totally ice free now, and there are already boats trawling it, often being used by the same men who had snowmobiles or even trucks out on the ice right up to ice-out.

I have to be up at eight in the morning for a Doctor's Appointment, and then there's parental stuff all day tomorrow, so unlike Saturday (where I'll mostly be here and bored) tomorrow I'll be rushed. I'm going to try to get an entry in but if I do, it may be late. I'll keep you posted. That is what the Weblog is for, after all.

There is a kind of admiration in
the watching of your hands about
    their task,
Their slender finger coaxing out
    the steam
to froth the fat free milk into nectar.
You smile as another customer
sits down and drinks the so-rich
    coffee treat
so unlike coffee as it's come to be
regarded in the age of
    Taster's Choice.
You smile once again and pound
    the ground,
And measure out proportions to
    the ounce
while favoring the café's regulars
with words and grins and cheer
    served in a cup.
There is hot joy in the Lattes
    you spin
Not found in coffee from a tin.

Eric Alfred Burns,
To A Barista
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