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January 13, 2000

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December 15, 1999
It's been an upkeeping sort of day. The 1999 Archives for the Some Days in the Life are now up, including a terse (possibly to grow later) description of the year, and the 2000 Archives are now separated out from it, and up to date. As of yesterday, I broke 150 entries in the journal. Given that I've not been journalling a full year yet (that will happen come 4/18/2000) I feel pretty good about my volume in the past year. I'm well on track to have a post every two days average (given long periods of a post every day and long periods of no post at all) which seems to be excellent for these things.

There's been a minor change to the front page, as well. As you may have noticed, I've started keeping a title at the top of this thing. That title's now reflected in my "last seven entries" section of the front page. I figure it'll be a good thing for people to see on a regular basis. Besides, it sounds so much better than just a date. These aren't so much about the day they're posted as the content of the post, right?

This is also my third day in a row journalling. We'll see how long we keep it up. Note that I'll be at Arisia tomorrow night, all day Saturday, and until Sunday evening. So if I journal those days, I may or may not be able to put the entries up or not. You may get a few entries on Sunday or Monday, instead.

And yes, I'm making an effort at putting entries up more often. We're through the holiday season, so I'm hoping to get quite a bit of work done on this. We'll see what happens, naturally.

The beginning of the year also highlights the Beginning of Budget Season, which is my fun time of the year. Now's the time when I need to get all the Department Heads to send me their hardware purchases for the year, their upgrades and updates and expected moves forward, and all the like. I also need to figure out, consulting with various folks, what my office needs to do to upgrade. And this year should be a doozy. For one, we're going to start really using MacOS 9 and Macintosh Manager, giving us a lot of control over the network and systems than we've had in the past. We're looking to implement the oft-mentioned, never completed V-Lan strategy. We're looking to replace more hubs with switches. We're looking to switch over our entire e-mail and confrencing system into something more modern and up to date. We're throwing Linux in.

One thing that's largely going away is MacOS X Server. We simply don't do the kinds of things its best for. Appleshare IP will continued to get used, but until MacOS X really comes out and MacOS X Server is upgraded to really work either like BSD Unix or like a Mac/Carbon environment, it simply doesn't work as well as Linux on an Intel based machine. Oh, we'll use Macintosh Manager with it and maybe do some NetBooting in some of our labs, but where I expected we'd be throwing it onto half of everything, right now it's more trouble than panacea. And that's very sad.

On the other hand, the end-use machines will be Macintosh all the way. And this should be a lot of fun. However, I'm up to my throat in it, so if you'll excuse me....

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