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January 10, 2000

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January 6, 2000
December 28, 1999
December 23, 1999
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December 13, 1999
December 9, 1999
December 7, 1999
This will be short, as I have to get bloodwork done and then go to Maine and get Cardiology stuff done. Things are all right, for the most part, save for all the stuff that isn't.

My stepgrandfather has emergency heart surgery tomorrow -- he's got a leaky heart with blockages, very serious. He's confined to bed. They need to repair the former and bypass the latter. He's not that far shy of ninety. It means a lot more to you when it's not only a family member who's been a part of your life your whole life, but it's a problem not unlike one you're facing.

I ended a very promising relationship, in an unsatisfying way, as there's too much "other" in my life to really focus on it. So I feel like a heel.

And I'm tired. Very tired. And working hard.

That's all I've got to say today. Maybe I'll have more time to talk tomorrow.

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