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Annotations: Notes from Life by Eric A. Burns

Eric A. BurnsEric Alfred Burns is a freelance writer who lives and works in New Hampshire, less than 45 minutes from the border to his native Maine. In his day, he's lived in Boston in Massachusetts, Ithaca and Syracuse in New York State and Seattle over in Washington. In paying the bills, he's worked for state, county and local government, spent two seasons picking potatoes (much to the chagrin of the poor farmers who employed him), worked for small and large colleges including Cornell University, lived the corporate life, lived the service industry life, sold books to students and lawyers, worked as a desktop publisher and graphic designer, been a professional and improvisational actor, failed miserably and succeeded brilliantly, known the love of beautiful women and been in thrall to three seperate cats.

Creatively, Eric has published fiction, non-fiction, short stories, serials, role playing games and supplements, poetry, articles and reviews. In the late 80's and early 90's he wrote considerable online amateur fiction, including five novel length works for the Superguy amateur fiction collective. His online journal, Some Days in the Life, was produced from April of 1999 through June of 2001 and had over 4,000 unique daily visitors at its peak. He has flirted with cartooning, including a (very) brief Keenspace cartoon called Unfettered by Talent. Recently, Eric has been working steadily in Role Playing Game design and development, including being one of the lead writers on Sidewinder: Wild West Adventures for Citizen Games. He was also a principal writer for In Nomine Superiors 4 for Steve Jackson Games, and has projects in development for Decipher Games's Star Trek Role Playing Game, Hogshead Publishing's Nobilis, and more work for Citizen Games's Sidewinder.

Currently, Eric pays his bills and feeds his cat as the Grace Murray Hopper Manager of Information Technology at Brewster Academy, on the leading edge of educational technology and among the most advanced curricular schools, technologically. He has also been a national speaker and advocate for Brewster Academy, The Endeavour Group and the School Design Model™.

Current information about Eric can often be found in his Livejournal.

AnnotationsAnnotations: Notes from Life began life in 1998 as Annotations Online Review, an online repository for critical and creative work by Eric A. Burns. From there, it evolved into the home of Some Days in the Life, Eric's online journal, as well as a central archive of Eric's role playing and creative work. Annotations: Notes from Life has become a portal into Eric's interests and creative endeavors. For the first five versions of this web site, Eric acted as sole webmaster and graphic designer. This most current version of the site was designed by Rebecca Gallant of Gallantry Web Design.

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